“Get Me Ready For Summer Package”

Inch Loss MassageA Special Package To Tone And Slim Your Body

Introducing Massage That Changes How You Look and Feel About Your Body. 

“Body Transformation Massage” has many benefits:

This profoundly effective massage is an excellent alternative to invasive and sometimes dangerous liposuction.

·  Lose Inches–usually several pants/dress sizes

·  Contours your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen

·   Lifts, tones and firms tissue

·   Improves skin elasticity

·   Reduces uneven, dimpled, cellulite appearance

·   Improves circulation and removal of cell waste

·   Improves lymphatic drainage, improving the health of the tissue in treated areas

·   Creates deep detoxification

·   Smooths skin texture


This is your opportunity to experience a single treatment 

Buy it today for half price at $50. and save $50.

It is done in a series of 18 treatments. (If you love the first treatment you can buy the entire series for Half Price! –$900 Regularly $1800.)


To achieve maximum benefit you can also purchase these value added services—only with this special offer.

#1 Bonus Offer: Galvanic Inch Loss Treatments-

Buy: 2 zones of Galvanic Inch Loss Treatments at Half Price! — $15.00 per zone down from $30 per zone

Revolutionary machine uses mild galvanic current to drive the treatment gel deep into the skin. This spa treatment helps to minimize and smooth the appearance of cellulite. (I even noticed a reduction in the appearance of post-pregnancy stretch marks on myself.)

By targeting fat deposits and toxins we get to the source of the problem– as a opposed to a quick water loss. Designed to create a firmer, more toned appearance. Helps improve overall appearance of skin. Treatment gel is formulated to help refresh and purify the skin—reducing the visible signs of aging. Includes application of post treatment cream.

Done in a series for most effective results. Results are cumulative.

Guarantee: You will lose at least ¼ inch with the first treatment or it will be repeated again for Free!

Clients have lost 2 or more inches in the first treatment on the lower arms, and more than an inch on the legs!

(Especially on the inner thigh that rarely responds to a workout at the Gym!)

#2 Bonus Offer: Aromatherapy Dry Brushing for the Body

-$10 at Half Price-Regularly $20.

  • Slough off dead skin cells
  • Increase blood circulation for improved cellular nutrition
  • Increase Lymphatic Flow for detoxification and
  • Decrease excess water retention
  • Slimming Essential Oils are used in this treatment to increase the effect.

#3 Free Special Bonus: Buy all of the Above in the “Get Me Ready For Summer Package” and Receive a Free After Treatment Cellulite Cream applied to targeted areas.

It is backed with scientific studies showing decreased appearance of cellulite, increased firmness and smoothness, and increased skin hydration. A perfect complement to the inch loss treatment.

Buy the Entire Package for: $90 (Savings of $90)

Or Buy the Body Contour Massage Only at $50.

(The Other Bonuses Come As An Addition in this Special Package and must be purchased Altogether.)

Call And Schedule Your Time for This Package Today at: 253-838-3336




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