I hope your Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, is Joyous and Healthy.

I appreciate each and every one of you who has been a loyal customer!

What a strange Holiday Season we will have this year with a Global Pandemic. I’m not sure the Governor won’t close Salons and Spas again. I am going to do the Annual Holiday Specials Anyway.

They will be redeemable beginning Jan 2nd by Appt provided we are not in lock-down again.

Whether you need to pamper yourself with some gifts for the New Year, or you want to simplify your gift purchases, here is your chance to save big!

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Aromatherapy Spa Package (60 Min.) for $55

Includes: Paraffin Hand Dip, Aromatherapy Scalp Massage, and 1/2 hour Massage

Ultimate Spa Package: 90 min. for: $95 Aromatherapy Treatments:

  • Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Bath, Paraffin Hand Treatment,
  • Massage: 1/2 hour Full Body Massage, Lymphatic Treatment: Exfoliating Dry Body Brushing,
  • Luxury Body Wrap: Aromatherapy Hydrating Full Body Wrap

4 Massage Gift Certificates (90 Min) for $320. A Savings of $120

Those Who Purchase a series of Four-90 minute gift certificates, will receive a Gift with Purchase of “Aromatherapy for Healthy, Happy, Holidays” Video- 1 hour 28 min.

4 Massage Gift Certificates (60 Min.) for $220. A Savings of $80

Those Who Purchase a series of Four-90 minute gift certificates, will receive a Gift with Purchase of “Aromatherapy for Health and Well Being” Video- 56 minutes.

2 Massage Gift Certificates (60 Min.) for $110.– Save $40

An Indian Head Massage Treatment (1/2 hour) for $35. Save $10.

Both Massage Therapists Together:

Tandem Massage: Ashley and I both work on at once- (60 Min.) for $130.

Couples/Doubles Massage- (60 Min.) for $130.

New Video Offerings:

Gifts that will help improve the lives of those who are gifted with them.

We may never have needed innovative ways to overcome the stress as much as we do now.


Overcoming Stress and Anxiety Sessions- Four Sessions, that are around 90 minutes each. $350.

These are recordings from Zoom- Live Classes.

If you have struggled for years with anxiety, depression and stress, it’s time to take the actions to change that. In this course that is just what you will do.

In this time of a Global Pandemic, upheaval and chaos, socially, politically, and with so many out of work, more people are experiencing extreme stress and anxiety than ever.

If this is happening to you, you have the absolute power to change it. In fact the only real control we have in our lives is what we think, feel and do. You can learn how to modify all of these in this extraordinary course designed to give your control back to you.

Experience Mind/Body/Heart integration and powerful techniques to get you out of unhelpful, unwanted thoughts and emotions into a state of Empowerment. You will have control over your thoughts and feelings by practicing the techniques found in this series. Change your life forever– for your good. Watch this, and use the practices daily.

This is a 4 sessions, live-(recorded) class for overcoming Stress and Anxiety. It has a tremendous variety of scientifically proven alternative healing techniques. In this session we explore: Heart Activation Breathing, Timeless Truths to change your perspective to one that works for you, Thought Field Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation and how to deal with distractions, Steps to Meditation Practices, Emotional Awareness Meditations, how to change your worry habit into one of creating the future you want, and much more.It has a tremendous variety of scientifically proven alternative healing techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique Energy, Thought Field Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices, Emotional Awareness Practices as well as Hypnotherapy.

There are references to extensive studies documenting the effectiveness of each the methods for overcoming stress and anxiety. You will receive the handouts and scientific studies along with the recordings of all the mindfulness practices, hypnotherapy etc. through Dropbox and email.

Take control of your life with these life changing techniques and perspectives.

Weight Release Classes-6 Sessions- that are around 90 minutes $550.

50 percent of Americans are overweight. 95% of people who have been on a fad diet and lost weight, gain it all back and then some more.

Stop doing what doesn’t work and implement scientifically proven methods for weight release.

  • Learn How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off!
  • Learn Simple Habits that will help you succeed -that don’t include counting calories, or measuring food.
  • Understand why ‘Eat Less and Move More’ doesn’t completely work.
  • Discover how Breathing Exercises can boost metabolism. 
  • Recognize why you haven’t been successful in losing weight before, and gained it back.
  • Learn Powerful Practices to engage the cooperation of your Subconscious Mind. (The Real Boss)
  • Harnessing Thermogenesis to increase weight loss
  • Why Chocolate is your friend in weight loss
  • Learn new Thought Habits that last
  • Discover Aromatherapy for Weight Loss
  • Learn the Real Science behind taking off and keeping off extra weight.

These innovative classes with help you uncover the reasons you aren’t at your ideal weight.

Gain the skills to have the body and life you want with: Hypnotherapy, EFT, TFT, Heart Mind Activation, Meditation, Mindfulness Practices, New Habits to help you release weight, and much more!

These are recordings from Zoom- Live Classes.

Food Healing:

Learn which Superfoods will help you to maintain, or regain, your optimal health.

Four Sessions, that are around 90 minutes to 2 hours each. $550.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard or taste bad. You need to eat smart and deliciously.

Now is your unique opportunity. Whether you are looking at foods to deal with weight loss, high cholesterol, heart disease, inflammation, detoxification, this is it.

All backed by Science so that you are not just at the mercy of the latest Food Fad.

Taught by Certified Food Healing Instructor Phoenix Alexander.


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