Why Clients Believe this is the Best Spa in Auburn/Federal Way…

“I have been receiving Somatic Emotional Release Bodywork (Aka: Interactive Trauma Relief) from Phoenix for a while now…I tell Phoenix often, she has an exceptional gift of helping people heal”….

 See the full testimonial from Carolyn McC. here.



“Just had a spa treatment by the fabulous Phoenix. Great conversation, wonderful and relaxing treatment. Definitely will be returning. I cant stop smelling myself from all the oils.”–Samantha Shaffer 4-21-15

This is the most relaxed I’ve felt“…

“Phoenix is a very nice person and makes me feel very comfortable during my massage session. She is very warm-hearted. Keep up the good work.” —Takeba Swift



“Massage Therapy Works”: (A Great Testimonial from a man who had seen six medical specialists to treat his hand injury, and I cured him!)

“Each time I pressed a key on my keyboard the pain shot up through my finger into my hand. I could not sleep, exercise, prepare food, grip a toothbrush, curl my fingers enough to hold the steering wheel, or work. Michelle (now aka “Phoenix”) was the sixth person to treat me. After her treatment I broke my hand exerciser from overuse…I was well again.

I have regained my health, and my business has survived because massage therapy worked when nothing else did!”—William Marel, Kent



“How Can Anything Feel This Good?”

“First of all, and I’m not kidding, for three days after (what is now known as) ‘the massage’ —the only thing I could say was holy cow. You are an incredibly talented therapist! My feelings ran the gamut from pure shock (how can anything feel this good?), disbelief (how can anyone be this good?), gratitude (how lucky for me to have met you), and then, of course, despair (how can I ever get anywhere near this mark in the sand.) But, as I’ve sifted the whole experience out, I’m left with overwhelming gratitude. “

—Angela Heaton Massage Therapist.

How Can Anything Feel As Good As Phoenix Giving A Massage?

Angela Heaton

 “Phoenix provides a comfortable, warm, friendly environment and experienced hands. She is affordable as well. I look so forward to my massage session every month. I even send my family to her.”– Beth Lyons

 See other testimonials in the archives at the bottom of the recent posts page.

Contact Phoenix at: 253-838-3336

2 Responses to PRAISE

  1. Jodi says:

    I received a Living Social offer as a gift from my boyfriend. I’ve never used Phoenix before as a massage therapist. I do not live near Phoenix’s spa, but all who do, should give her a try. My experience was awesome. Very professional, very personable, and very, very good!! Thanks Phoenix for the awesome relaxation massage!

  2. Shameka Williamson says:

    I got a massage last week and it was one of the best massages I have received in a long time. I am addicted to essential oils now. Phoenix was amazing and I am already planning a couples massage.

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