CranioSacral Technique

CranioSacral Therapy

I attended the John Upledger method of CranioSacral Technique in September of 2002. It is a profoundly helpful technique that I have used for several decades to help balance the CranioSacral System in the body which influences the function of the nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid circulation up the spinal cord, and releases the horizontal connective tissue diaphragms in the body.

“Energy Massage”:

CranioSacral is one of the bodywork styles considered “Energy Work” meaning it has a more subtle, yet extremely effective action on the body.

How Is CranioSacral Technique is Applied?

Very gentle, non-invasive pressure is applied to the bones of the skull, and areas of soft tissue in the torso on the front and back of the body. Additionally; the sacrum, at the bottom of the spine, is stretched and mobilized. The practitioner gently places their hands on the client’s body and assesses areas of restriction in the movement of the soft tissue and allows their hands to unwind with the release of the client’s tissue.

What Does CranioSacral Technique Do?

It effectively assists the body’s natural healing resources correcting imbalances which could be causing dysfunction or imbalance intellectually, and in the sensory, and motor systems. When left uncorrected these dysfunctions may create significant health problems.

Do I Have To Undress?

No, this treatment is done fully clothed and on a massage table while the client lays comfortably on cushions designed to give optimal support to the body.


Only if the slightest increase in intracranial pressure needs to be avoided such as in cases of impending cerebrovascular hemorrhage or aneurysm, or during the acute phases of a stroke or head injury.

Indications And Benefits:

  • Headaches; Especially Migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • Injuries to the head
  • Injuries to the tailbone
  • A need to relax and calm the nervous system response
  • Tension in the soft tissue of the abdomen
  • TMJ dysfunction and pain
  • Helps you become more aware of your body and it’s sensations
  • May help to reduce the anxiety caused by trauma

It takes a skilled practitioner to use this technique to its full effect. I have been using it successfully on clients for several decades, many have received relief from chronic migraines with their first treatment.

Chances are high that your cranial bones have been misaligned since birth. You owe it to yourself to “get your head balanced”. Come and see me. I can help.


$150. per hour session

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