Why Clients Believe this is the Best Spa in Auburn/Federal Way…

“I’ve been on Safari cruises, flown to Europe, the Galapagos and had massages all over the world. Phoenix has excellent skills and hands and knows her anatomy. She is up there with the best of the best.”–Cindy Crowley 1-21-19


5 Star Reviews

“This was genuinely one of the most pleasant massage and spa experiences I’ve yet to have. I have a long history of chiropractic and massage therapy care and I was thoroughly impressed by how welcoming and professional Phoenix and her daughter were. They were so accommodating to myself and my two friends who had purchased a Groupon for a gift. 

For those people complaining about having to walk through her garage to get to her home business, get over your elitist self and take a chill pill. You’ve never had to grind before? The spa space itself is very relaxing, lovely ocean murals and art, and is kept clean and organized. The music playing was soothing, combined with a bubbling fountain.

They offered us a paraffin wax hand treatment, the scalp massage with aromatherapy, as well as a relaxing foot soak in imported bowls. As I was waiting for my friends to complete their thirty minute massages, they offered me hot lavender neck pillows and an eye mask that put me right to sleep. Phoenix offered to either give me a single thirty minute massage or a fifteen minute tandem with her daughter (I’m sorry I forgot her name, but she was also licensed and works at a nearby chiropractic office.) 

The massage itself was incredible, they both listened to my feedback on the level of pressure and offered great advice to reduce my headaches and neck tension. I would absolutely return here multiple times.” –Kayla N. January 17, 2019

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“I got these packages for my two best friends and I to enjoy together for Christmas! We went yesterday to get our treatments and let me tell you guys what! Phoenix and her daughter took such excellent care of us. They made us smell good and feel even better! I would highly recommended getting this package if you are looking for an all around personal spa treatment. :)”– Rachel C. on Groupon 1-17-19


“Always a great experience.” Elizabeth Olsen on Google 2018


“Phoenix is the most amazing women let alone the most amazing massage therapist. She is kind hearted and only wants the best for you. She goes above and beyond your needs. She has a true understanding of your body and your best interests. I wish I could afford to see her more often. She is truly a blessing in my life.”–Noneya Biz on Google 2018


“I have had many VERY HELPFUL massage sessions with Phoenix where somatic bodywork was utilized with successful results. I am a pastor as well as a board certified psychiatric nurse and there was never a time were I questioned any session or treatment either spiritually or professionally. Believe me I always have feelers out for any negative issues whenever and wherever I am seen. I would still be seeing Phoenix a few times monthly if I hadn’t moved from the area.” Lisa DiSante on Google 2018


“Phoenix is an elite massage therapist with almost three decades of experience and you can definitely tell the difference. She is knowledgeable of many different massage and therapeutic techniques and gives great advice. More importantly, she has healing hands. I suffer from chronic migraines, going on four years now. When Phoenix performed her sacro-cranial therapy massage, it reduced the intensity of the pain almost immediately. By the end of the night, my migraine was completely gone. Amazing! Try Phoenix, you won’t be disappointed.”–Fran C on Google 2018


“Great service and beautiful scenery setup in the shop.”–Wendy Water 2018 on Google


“I received a massage package multiple times at Alpine Therapeutic Massage. Phoenix has a way with knowing how to heal and relax your body, giving you the best experience possible! Everything from the paraffin dip to the massage table to the foot bath are all just so marvelous. I always feel like a princess! The business is done out of a residential location which doesn’t feel any less professional – quite the opposite! I feel more tranquil and at home. There’s always lovely music and it’s never too cold, a problem I’ve had in with other masseuses.
Phoenix has a bright spirit and wonderful talent, using techniques that are proven to work over time. She has told me about her trauma-relief therapy as well as other specialties she works with. I’m always left feeling so relaxed; it’s like I’m comatose, I always want to sleep on the massage table!” –Jazmyn Stewart on Google 2016


“I have been blessed to receive massage from Phoenix for 2 years. I had/have chronic pain, I was taking ibuprofen daily but now 2 to 3 times a month. I have been receiving massage foe over 20 years. Phoenix is one of the best masseuse I have had the good fortune to know. She has been a masseuse for over 25 years and her knowledge base shows that. I referred my daughter to her who recently told me “I love Phoenix, I can’t believe the difference in my back and knee pain”. My daughter was suffering from daily pain and is also only feeling the pain 2 to 3 days monthly”.–Pat Grass 2018 on Google


“I’m not one to treat myself. The hour long treatment I had felt like three. I’m really glad she applied the right amount of pressure during the massage. I was relaxed but not sore.”–Laurel Elizabeth Moore on Facebook December 2016


“I’ve had many massages but none as good as the ones I get from Phoenix. She offers several different styles of massage including aromatherapy, acupressure and other eastern medicine philosophies. She also offers “Trauma Release Massage” which is difficult to find… and it works!”–Jennifer Lyons on Facebook July 2016


“Great experience, very accommodating and communicative!”– Cody G. November 17, 2018 on Groupon


“Very nice and relaxing, I will be back!” –Melissa A November 8, 2018 on Groupon

“Very personable, great setting”. — Robin R August 3rd 2018 on Groupon


“Fabulous experience! Provider is very knowledgeable and the massage was terrific!”– Kelly D. April 5 2018 on Groupon


“Amazing service and wonderful massage!”– Helia S on April 12th 2018 on Groupon


“Just finished my spa package. We a really nice experience with the body wrap and body brushing was my favorite. Planning on going back again”– Pam H. March 30th, 2018 on Groupon


“Really loved it, Phoenix has good hands,was very relaxing and I can’t wait for the next time.” –Anabell T.  December 21st 2016 On Groupon


“Absolutely wonderful! One of the most relaxing massages/spa treatments ever! And a very friendly and relaxing environment. Definitely would recommend! Buy a Groupon for everyone you know!” –Jordan B.  August 8th 2014 on Groupon


“I’ve had many massages but none as good as the ones I get from Phoenix.  She offers several different styles of massage including aromatherapy, acupressure and other eastern medicine philosophies.  She also offers “Trauma Release Massage” which is difficult to find… and it works!  She also has a great website with a lot of information on aromatherapy.” –Jennifer P.  7-22-16 on Yelp


“I am so happy that I have found Phoenix at Alpine Therapeutic massage!! I originally had a groupon that led me there for the best relaxation massage and aromatherapy package I ever had. Phoenix is very knowledgable about the healing properties of essential oils & shared this knowledge with my mom and I. I returned to Phoenix for treatment massages after this, and I am happy to say that I have seen more chronic pain relief after only 2 sessions with her than I have in over 2 years of treatment from rheumatologists, neurologists, and foot doctors. I have had massages now and then for the last 22 years and Phoenix is by far the most skilled therapist I have met. She provides a soothing atmosphere, great room temperature and makes sure her pressure is right for your body type. I highly recommend her!”– Sarah D. April 19, 2014 on Yelp


“Phoenix does a fantastic job. She has appointments after 5:00 PM as well which makes it easy to make appointments.”– Tena Storgaard on Google 2018


“Worth the pay. We had spa package done by Phoenix and her daughter and it was amazing experience the massage was so relaxing.” –Noli Miranda 2018 on Google


“I have been receiving Somatic Emotional Release Bodywork (Aka: Interactive Trauma Relief) from Phoenix for a while now…I tell Phoenix often, she has an exceptional gift of helping people heal”….

 See the full testimonial from Carolyn McC. here.



“Just had a spa treatment by the fabulous Phoenix. Great conversation, wonderful and relaxing treatment. Definitely will be returning. I cant stop smelling myself from all the oils.”–Samantha Shaffer 4-21-15


This is the most relaxed I’ve felt“…

“Phoenix is a very nice person and makes me feel very comfortable during my massage session. She is very warm-hearted. Keep up the good work.” —Takeba Swift


“Massage Therapy Works”: (A Great Testimonial from a man who had seen six medical specialists to treat his hand injury, and I cured him!)

“Each time I pressed a key on my keyboard the pain shot up through my finger into my hand. I could not sleep, exercise, prepare food, grip a toothbrush, curl my fingers enough to hold the steering wheel, or work. Michelle (now aka “Phoenix”) was the sixth person to treat me. After her treatment I broke my hand exerciser from overuse…I was well again.

I have regained my health, and my business has survived because massage therapy worked when nothing else did!”—William Marel, Kent

“How Can Anything Feel This Good?”

“First of all, and I’m not kidding, for three days after (what is now known as) ‘the massage’ —the only thing I could say was holy cow. You are an incredibly talented therapist! My feelings ran the gamut from pure shock (how can anything feel this good?), disbelief (how can anyone be this good?), gratitude (how lucky for me to have met you), and then, of course, despair (how can I ever get anywhere near this mark in the sand.) But, as I’ve sifted the whole experience out, I’m left with overwhelming gratitude. “

—Angela Heaton Massage Therapist.

How Can Anything Feel As Good As Phoenix Giving A Massage?
Angela Heaton

 “Phoenix provides a comfortable, warm, friendly environment and experienced hands. She is affordable as well. I look so forward to my massage session every month. I even send my family to her.”– Beth Lyons

 See other testimonials in the archives at the bottom of the recent posts page.

Contact Phoenix at: 253-838-3336

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  1. I received a Living Social offer as a gift from my boyfriend. I’ve never used Phoenix before as a massage therapist. I do not live near Phoenix’s spa, but all who do, should give her a try. My experience was awesome. Very professional, very personable, and very, very good!! Thanks Phoenix for the awesome relaxation massage!

  2. I got a massage last week and it was one of the best massages I have received in a long time. I am addicted to essential oils now. Phoenix was amazing and I am already planning a couples massage.

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