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Phoenix Teaches Classes To Help You Improve Your Health, and Enjoy your Life– Naturally

All Classes Presented by: Phoenix Alexander Licensed Massage Therapist LMP# MA4392, Massage Therapist Since 1989

  • Certified Aromatherapist since 1993,
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist, Personal Empowerment Guide, Certified Qigong Instructor,
  • Author of: Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix available on Amazon
  • And From Victim Into Victor-The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Trauma, Abuse and PTSD

Video Class: Create Your Own Spa Oasis At Home: A video to help you increase your health and relaxation. (1 Hour and 40 minute presentation)

  • This video is packed with information on:

  • Aromatherapy,

  • Hydrotherapy,

  • Body Brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and immune response,

  • Tips on how to care for your hair,

  • Acupressure to balance the emotions,

  • Instant Acupressure Meridian Balance– to naturally balance the energy meridians for better health,

  • How to take better care of your hair

  • How to decompress over-flexion and reinforce your cervical curve to relax muscles, and so much more!

Learn Trade Secrets From A Pro and take better care your you health today with this valuable resource.

Head to toe treatments that not only make you feel relaxed and happy– but actually help the healthy functioning of your body! 

  • Use Aromatherapy Everyday for Health and Life Enhancement

  • Treat Your Feet Fabulous: Learn Spa Treatments and Tools Like Reflexology Basics

  • Acupressure for Your Emotions: Learn to Change Unhealthy Emotional Responses

  • Body Brushing: For Exfoliation And Immune Stimulation Via The Lymphatic System

  • Hydrotherapy: The Use Of Water In Various Temperatures For Relaxation and Increased Health

  • Facial Steam Treatments: Clean Your Pores, Help Your Skin, And Make Your Lungs Happy Too.

  • Aromatherapy Scalp Treatments: Hydrate Your Scalp, Relax with Self-Massage, And Create Your Desired Mood

  • Investment $50.

 Watch Trailer for video here

Fanciful Flowers

Video Class: The Power of Aromatherapy: (Part 1) Everyday Aromatherapy to Increase Health and Well-Being, Create Your Mood, & Enhance Your Beauty.

See Video Preview Here

Ever wondered what Aromatherapy does, or if it even works? Do you know how to effective stimulate your own body’s natural healing responses? Could you change your emotions just buy inhaling a certain smell?

Now you can answer these and other questions for yourself in this informative hands-on demonstration of the everyday uses for Aromatherapy.

Praise for the class–“So grateful to have had the opportunity to take Phoenix’s Aromatherapy class. Phoenix is knowledgeable and presents this information in a way that is extremely understandable by all. I learned about essential oils and the benefits received by using them daily. I was relieved to learn that essential oils can be used as a natural healer for many ailments from headaches & tension to mood & energy stimulants; in addition to a relaxing bath-time additive.

Thank you, Phoenix, for time well spent!”–Deborah Davidek

Buy the video from a live presentation for $50.00 which includes the handout mentioned.

Also includes a handout with details about many aspects of Aromatherapy and blending so you can make your own products when you get home!

  • Investment: $50.00- 1 hour

This is a Hands-On class where you will be studying essential oils, learning about their benefits and healing properties, how to change your emotional state, and also create your own Aromatherapy blend to take home.

Learn How To:

  • Use Essential Oils for the Mind, Body, and Skincare

  • Boost Your Immunity: Staying Healthy During Cold/Flu Season

  • Balance Your Health With Essential Oils

  • Reduce Water Retention

  • How Ancient Egyptians Used Essential Oils To Preserve Skin– Great For Your Skin Too!

  • Changing Your Mood From Negative To Positive With Aromatherapy

  • Increase Mental Clarity and Reduce Keyboarding Errors

  • Enhance Your Romantic Relationships with Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

  • Relieve Headaches

  • Create Scent Anchors To  Help You Remember Things

  • History Of Essential Oils Through Time

  • Everyday Uses For Aromatherapy

  • Properties Of Top 10 Essential Oils

  • Basics of Blending Essential Oils


Buy Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Here

 Video Class: “The Power of Aromatherapy-Advanced Properties and Blending” A Follow Up To Part 1, This Is More Advanced Training in 2 Hour Long Videos.


  • Advanced Aromatherapy blending practices

  • Very detailed information on the top Aromatherapy Essential Oils– including which glands and organs they assist

  • What the emotional, and physical properties are of the top Essential Oils

  • Many scientific studies that prove what Aromatherapists have known for years

  • Various ways to use Aromatherapy Everyday through inhalation, massage oils, diffusers, room sprays etc.

  • How to make a custom blend aromatherapy product for yourself

  • The delightful aromas of essential oils with a hands on interactive experience!

Investment: $75.00- 2 hours

Learn the Power of Flowers

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