Spa Massage Facelift

Beautifying Spa Massage Facelift:

This is the most advanced massage treatment available for affecting a change in the face naturally.

Forget expensive and sometimes dangerous plastic surgery or injecting toxins close to your brain!


  • Improve your looks and facial muscle tone

  • Increase elastin production

  • Minimizes fine lines

  • Reduces puffiness around eyes

  • Reduces face puffiness and double chin

  • Improve cellular nutrition and decrease cell waste buildup to positively affect how cells age

  • Increase cellular hydration

  • Helps reduce acne

  • See a healthy change in your face

  • Useful in managing conditions such as dry, dull looking skin

    Beautify Yourself Naturally:

With massage designed to make you put your best face forward. Best results are achieved when you receive a series of massage facelifts

1 hour for $200

Beautifying Spa Massage Facelift Gift Cert

(This treatment sells for$275 per treatment at Elite Spas in the US!)

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Beautifying Spa Facelift Massage

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