Aromatherapy Definition 

“Aromatherapy is the skilled use of concentrated, pure botanical Essential Oils for the mind, body, and environment“–Phoenix 

At Alpine Therapeutic Massage: Aromatherapy is an “Essential” part of your treatment. Phoenix has been a Certified Aromatherapist since 1993.

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You can purchase: Aromatherapy–A Beginner’s Guide Below:

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It contains detailed descriptions of how Aromatherapy works with over 30 Essential Oils including: Their history, uses, physical and emotional properties, blending tips, hydrotherapy and much more. Get recipes and ideas of how to use aromatherapy in your everyday life. Includes which oils are safe for pregnancy (since not all essential oils can be used). $15.

The report is a downloadable pdf format report.

Why You Need a Pro Mixing Your Aromatherapy Blends

When the right oils are mixed together it amplifies their therapeutic properties creating synergy. This is when the oils really shine in their effectiveness. Additionally oils have varying degrees of “volatility” based on how fast they evaporate. You need top notes, middle notes, and base notes or fixative for an effective blend that holds together with some staying power. I know the ways to mix them like that to give maximum effectiveness.


Essential Oils are generally stimulating to the nervous system or sedating, depending on the oils used. Aromatherapy amateurs often blend oils together that have mixed stimulating and sedating properties. Depending on the oils, this can cancel or reduce the effectiveness of the beneficial therapeutic properties .


Aromatherapy is like Music

In my thesis for my advanced Aromatherapy Certification in 1993, long before people really knew what the word meant, I compared the smell of the Essential Oils to various instruments in a symphony orchestra.

I was a Music Major in college, so it seemed a natural comparison to match the scents to the sounds of a symphony playing a composition. Indeed a blend is a “composition” of Essential Oils. To me, the top notes are bright like piccolos, and triangles, or certain bells, and the middle notes are like the violins, French horns, and other stringed instruments and the base notes are like the timpani drum and the bass cello. Together each is important to the composition of a piece of music as well as an effective Aromatherapy blend.

Additionally, a piece of music can be stimulating or sedating much like an Essential Oil composition is stimulating or sedating to the nervous system.


Sedating blends- are great for night time diffusing or when you want to relax and go inward, like during a massage, meditation, stretching and chilling out.

For instance: If you have insomnia, using a sedating blend before sleep will serve you better than a stimulating blend.

Stimulating blends- are great for an energy increase, increased alertness and good to diffuse when you want to exercise, do breathing practices, or want to feel awake and alive-so to speak.


Handcrafted New Essential Oil blends by Certified Aromatherapist Phoenix Alexander and “Alpine Aromatherapy”

Essential Oils To The Rescue:

The need for alternative solutions and natural stimulation, or support, of your body’s own healing resources has never been greater!

In addition to being vaccinated, I use essential oils daily and have for decades. Since Covid 19 has been around for a few years now, I wanted to see what studies have been done on the effect of Essential Oils on Coronaviruses, including Covid 19. I was delighted to see many studies now showing the testing results.

I encourage you to do your own internet research since Aromatherapy is now being taken very seriously.

After days of reading the latest scientific research on Essential Oils with Antiviral properties, including some posted on

No claims are being made here as to the effectiveness of any essential oils or blends to treat or cure Covid19. However, some oils have naturally antiviral properties well documented in scientific studies. 

I formulated these blends for myself to diffuse, and mix into other products , in an effort to stay as healthy as possible during the perilous time we live in. These are my newest offerings. They have been received enthusiastically by all who smell them. My massage clients love them and they are now available to you for purchase.

They are great for diffusing in an ultrasonic diffuser, or for use in baths and other products you make using these handcrafted Essential Oil compositions.

The blends are generally stimulating or sedating to the nervous system based on the oils used. I have indicated them so you can use them to your maximum benefit.

These amazingly fragrant blends go great in an ultrasonic diffuser.

These days filled with virulent viral mutations has me using my diffuser twice a day. In the morning I use a stimulating blend filled with anti-viral and antibacterial oils.

I use Trees for Me” in the morning to greet the day and I actually do ½ hour of deep breathing practices daily upon waking. See my Qigong page where you can order the video to do your own deep Breath Empowerment practices. 

In the evening I use a more sedating yet powerful blend to ease into sleep. I use Clear the Air in the evening.

“Trees for me”Celebrate breathing! Stimulating Blend. A blend filled with essential oils from trees and shrubs. The essential oils distilled from leaves where a tree breathes, act effectively on our respiratory system. Clove grown in trees is a documented star in anti-viral and antibacterial properties. Eucalyptus, Clove, and Frankincense-a precious bark resin, are featured in this blend along with other oils that make the air feel alive. You can feel this blend in your nose and lungs. This blend features 9 Essential Oils for a complex blend that enlivens your senses.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $22

You may choose to diffuse this in the morning as you wake up and greet the day, during exercise for feeling amazing or put a drop on your mask for another layer of defense.

“Clear the Air”A citrus Medley, Generally Sedating. Orange is the main star in this blend with other citruses. Lemon and Clove are the powerhouses with documented effective antiviral properties. Also featured is Clary sage known as the oil of laughter.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $22

The following compositions that may be helpful to headache sufferers or good for active breathing and stimulation in general.

They can be diffused, inhaled straight from the bottle. applied with a roller ball application, or 1 drop at a time mixed in a carrier oil and rubbed at the back of the skull.

For decades I have used a drop of diluted lavender, or peppermint, rubbed into the base of the skull, or carefully at the temples to ease complaints of headaches .

Now you can employ a blend of the top oils researched for headache pain.

 Wash hands afterward and avoid the eyes.


Purchases of these blends include a link to a video for Acupressure points for headache pain reduction.

See my headache acupressure video coming soon.

“No time for a Headache” -Stimulating blend. This blend features Lavender, Peppermint and other complementary oils. You will feel the difference in this lively blend.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $22

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 5 ML. $10

“Among the Birches”- Stimulating blend:  Herbs, spices, flowers and Frankincense. This in another blend you can definitely “feel” when you breathe it or apply it topically. Birch is the main star which features strong respiratory stimulation and analgesic, pain reducing properties. Lemon adds antiviral power and a bright cheery note. This blend features 8 Essential Oils for a complex blend that enlivens your senses. May be helpful for those with tummy troubles diluted and rubbed onto the belly.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $22

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 5 ML. $10

“Ease My Mind”– Stimulating blend. Spices, citrus and flowers. Lemongrass and Ginger combine with Antiviral citruses and spices. Frankincense provides the base. 

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $22

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 5 ML. $10


Pets need special care with Essential Oils:

Many people have cats and dogs. You may not be aware that some common Essential Oils with powerful properties for wellness to humans are toxic to your beloved pets. I formulated Pet Pals to be effective while using oils generally recognized as safe for your cats and dogs.

Remember that if you are diffusing essential oils they will stick to your pet’s coat, and when they groom themselves they may actually be ingested. So use around five drops in a diffuser and only diffuse for about an hour a day if your pet shares the room where you are diffusing essential oils.

This is my blend to answer the need for powerful oils and powerful love for pets!

“Pet Pals”- Stimulating Blend. Powerful Essential oils selected for their potency with antiviral, antibacterial, and general feel-good properties. All of the oils in this blend should be generally recognized as safe cats or dogs. As an alternative to the oils you can feel breathing in, this blend features both lemon and ginger documented with antiviral properties. Benzoin has expectorant properties and acts on the lungs effectively.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $25.

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 10 ML. $15

Miscellaneous Blends:

“Bottled Sunshine”-Mildly Stimulating blend. Featuring Citruses, Spices, & Vanilla. A delicious blend, carefully crafted blend of 10 Essential Oils to delight your senses for a carefree kind of mood.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $25

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 10 ML. $15

“Love My Belly Blend” Mildly Stimulating blend.  Features Ginger known for it’s diuretic, analgesic, and anti-nausea properties, Chamomile for its tummy soothing and relaxing qualities, and Citrus for happy relaxed states. May be helpful for those with tummy troubles.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $25

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 10 ML. $15

“Tummy Awareness” For those aware that bloating isn’t fun. Citruses, Ginger and Cypress combine for their documented diuretic and digestive supportive properties.

15 ML. 1/2 oz. $25

Roller Ball- blended with carrier oil for direct application 10 ML. $15


DISCLAIMEREssential oils are naturally antibacterial, some are antiviral, some boost immune response, others affect the emotions, specific parts of the body, and much more.

After careful study of current scientific research on essential oils, I crafted essential oil products to feature their most powerful, health promoting properties. These products are not intended to be used for medical purposes, nor intended to be a substitute for traditional medical care. Please consult your physician for any medical conditions you may have. No claim is made as to the effectiveness of essential oils for treating specific conditions.

Terms of Use:

I am aware of the inherent risks involved in using Essential Oils for any conditions I may have. I have read and understand the disclaimer of Essential oil Products from Alpine Aromatherapy. By using these products I agree that I, for myself, my heirs, executor and or administrator, waive and release any and all claims from any and all responsibilities of liability or damages from using Alpine Aromatherapy products. With full knowledge, I agree to waive any claim against, and hold harmless and indemnify, from any responsibility now or in the future : Phoenix Alexander DBA Alpine Aromatherapy.

If I do not wish to be bound by these terms of use, I can send back any unopened products for a refund minus shipping and handling fees.



The following helps you learn a little more about the Therapeutic Benefits of Aromatherapy using Essential Oils.

Excerpts are from the Aromatherapy Chapter in: Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix

Buy The Book Here:

Purple Heaven--Lavender Fields at Sunset
Purple Heaven–Lavender Fields at Sunset

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are concentrated extracts from roots, wood, leaves, seeds, herbs, fruit, and flowers of aromatic plants. Unless it is derived exclusively from one plant, with no chemical or synthetic additives, it is not an Essential Oil.

Chemically derived fragrances, although pleasing, offer none of the therapeutic and subtle healing qualities found in real essential oils. Many fake scents cause headaches, asthma, and other health problems.

Just because it smells good does not make it Aromatherapy!

Essential Oils Properties:

All essential oils are antiseptic; some are also antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-fungal. Aromatherapy targets the nervous system, digestive system, lungs, etc. Essential Oils are highly fragrant and evaporate easily. The term “oil” is a little misleading, as essential oils are not really oils like a vegetable oil.

Extracting Essential Oils From Plants:

Is very laborious, because large amounts of plant material yield small amounts of oil. Essential Oils, like Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Orange, have a relative high yield of Essential Oil in comparison to the plant material need to make it. However, it takes 5,000 Jasmine flowers to make 1 pound of Absolute of Jasmine. It takes 1000 pounds of chamomile flowers to produce 1 pound of Chamomile Essential Oil. And 5,000 pounds of red rose petals (the most prized are Bulgarian Roses)—which are picked just after the morning dew; when the fragrance is at its peak—to make 1 pound or Rose Essential Oil! Obviously it is one of the more expensive Essential Oils.

Essential oils must always be diluted in a carrier or emulsifier and usually used in a 2% – 5% concentration.

Historically many ancient cultures used Essential Oils and aromatic plants for healing, in religion and ceremony, and skin care and perfumery. Modern use of plant oils began in 1910 when a French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, burned his arm in a chemical explosion in his lab. He plunged his arm into a nearby vat of Lavender Oil. The arm healed astonishingly quickly with no scarring. This led Gattefosse to study and document the properties and uses of essential oils for the rest of his life.

Internationally, Essential Oils are used by Holistic Practitioners and Medical Doctors for the treatment of physical and emotional ailments, and to boost immunity, and increase overall health. They are prescribed as medicines and used as a replacement for, or in conjunction with allopathic medicine. In the past few years, America has been introduced to Aromatherapy first in skin and hair care and then in massage. In the future, we may see them used in medical treatment.International Use Of Aromatherapy:

Currently, the FDA has not approved essential oils for medical applications.

Where is Scent Processed?

Scent is processed in the brain in the limbic system, the area that is involved with processing emotions and memories. We have all had the experience of smelling a certain scent that triggers a memory or perhaps just a feeling in us. This tie to our emotions makes Aromatherapy ideal for affecting our mood. Essential oils alter mood by either sedating or stimulating the nervous system. Some act on specific emotions.

The part of the plant from which the oil is extracted gives us clues as to its most effective applications of Aromatherapy. For instance, oils like Eucalyptus, which are extracted from the leaves where the plant “breathes”, are excellent for lung complaints. Oils from the roots help to “ground” us or make us feel balanced and confident. Oils like Neroli, Lavender, Jasmine, and Rose, which are extracted from flowers, have uplifting qualities that help us cope with emotions like grief, depression, and anxiety.

Aromatherapy and Massage Go Hand In Hand

Massage is a very effective application of Aromatherapy. During an “Aromassage”, the essential oils are absorbed by the lungs through inhalation and into the skin through the pores. They circulate through the body for several hours before being eliminated. An extensive knowledge of essential oils and their properties is needed to effectively evaluate and respond to the needs of the massage client. It is wise to get an Aromassage from a Licensed Massage Therapist, who has a lot of practice with Essential Oils or who is a Certified Aromatherapist.

A Certified Aromatherapist can even design Custom Essential Oil blends best suited to your personality and physical health.

Caution should be used when using Essential Oils. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always use diluted, except in an “aromatic diffuser”. Consult an Aromatherapist or Aromatherapy book to see which oils are safe if you have any of the following conditions:  epilepsy, pregnancy or nursing, high or low blood pressure, asthma, cancer, sensitive skin, or allergic reactions.

Babies and young children should not use certain oils and oils must be diluted to 1/2 to 1/3 the adult concentration.

CAUTION: NEVER take essential oils internally!

Photo Of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy courtesy of ABMP
Essential Oils Are Used For Aromatherapy



Everyday Uses For Aromatherapy:


  • A few drops of your favorite Essential Oil added to the dish soap will undoubtedly make washing dishes a more pleasant chore.  Add the essential oil to the soap and then add the water.  (Essential oils are not water-soluble and need a “carrier” or “emulsifier” to disperse them evenly in whatever application you are using them.  Always add essential oils to the carrier or emulsifier first and then to the water.)  Recommended essential oils:  Citruses, Lavindin, Mints, Cinnamon, Clove, (spice oils).

  • Add a few drops of oil to your mop water with whatever cleanser or soap you use to clean the floor. Recommended oils:  Mints, Citruses, Lavindin, Anise, spice oils.

  • A few drops of oils like Lavindin, Mints, or Cedarwood add a fresh, fragrant touch to your laundry.  Add them to the final rinse cycle of the washer in the last few minutes and agitate them around with your hand to disperse the oils.  Or put a few drops on a cotton cloth and toss it in the dryer the last few minutes of the cycle.

  • Put a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard of the toilet paper roll to give it some antiseptic qualities as well as a pleasing scent to your bathroom.


Environmental Aromatherapy:

  • Lavender and Rosemary can be made into sachets to repel moths from your clothing.

  • Use essential oils in your homemade potpourri.  It’s usually more economical than commercial fragrance oil because of its concentration.  Commercial potpourri fragrances are synthetic and chemically derived unlike natural essential oil fragrances that give the added benefit of being antiseptic and working on the emotional and physical planes to enhance your wellness.

  • Using natural fragrances can actually boost your immunity and your sense of smell.

  • Scent your stationery by adding a drop of oil to a tissue and storing it in a closed container with the stationery.

  • Essential oils can be diffused into the air in an “aromatic diffuser” which breaks up the molecules of the essential oil and disperses them over larger areas than they would reach without the diffuser.  Essential Oil blends can be made for the diffuser to treat many specific conditions such as lethargy, headache, anxiety, or to fight viruses and bacteria.

  • A diffuser at the office can increase productivity, improve concentration, and fight germs.  Try diffusing some lively oils at the gym to open up the lungs and stimulate your mind and muscles.  In the boudoir, aphrodisiac blends can be diffused to create a luxurious romantic mood.

Aromatherapy For the Mind and Body:

  • A drop of Essential Oil in the hair will keep it delightfully fragrant all day.  Oils such as Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood are reputed aphrodisiacs.

  • Get an “Aromassage” with Essential Oil Massage blends to suit your mood, personality, and physical health.

  • Bath Salts blended for their therapeutic qualities can enhance relaxation and give you an “attitude adjustment” or address a physical condition.

  • Essential Oils greatly enhance skin and hair care products.  Use them in cleansers, toners, and facial oils for moisturizing.  They can be made specifically to suit your skin and hair type (dry hair, dandruff, sensitive skin, mature skin, etc.).

  • Essential Oil “body oils” can be used before or after the bath for nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

The possibilities are endless!


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