Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Differs From Typical Massage

Pregnancy is a time of great change in a woman’s body. Structurally her body must adapt to additional weight which produces tension in the back, neck, and legs which puts additional stress on the weight bearing joints.

Swelling and water retention can occur in the legs and especially the ankles. Emotional changes occur that may bring up unresolved issues and concerns that need to be heard and dealt with compassionately.

All of these changes can be skillfully addressed by Phoenix Alexander LMP who is certified in Pregnancy and Infant Massage since 1991 and specializes in Somatic Emotional Release( a type of massage to release unresolved emotion from the mind and body.)

How does it differ from the typical relaxation massage?

This type of massage concentrates on the areas most stressed by the pregnancy . The areas of emphasis changes from the first trimester to the last. You will find relief from neck and back pain caused by improper posture, and muscle weakness, tension, and imbalance.

Swelling legs and ankles can by addressed with gentle lymphatic drainage techniques, encouraging proper movement of fluids and providing needed relief. Phoenix also provides emotional support and physical nurturing in a time of many emotional changes.

She employs a variety of specialized massage techniques learned in over 27 years of being a licensed massage practitioner that specifically address all the needs of the expectant mother from the first weeks of pregnancy to the triumphant delivery.

Phoenix can apply techniques designed to facilitate the process of labor to proceed more smoothly by relaxing the mother and her cramping muscles, helping to ease her pain. These techniques can be taught to her birth partner.

Post-Partum Massage helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition and ease the stress of carrying and caring for a newborn.

Phoenix Pampers You and Gives You Comfort Every Week of Your Journey

You will enjoy special Body Support Cushions that allow you to lay on your stomach comfortably for up to 22 weeks gestation. They provide ample room for your   expanding and tender chest and stomach.

You will sink into the special memory foam enhanced table that lifts at the top providing you with a luxurious semi-reclining position to massage you while keeping baby safe.

Phoenix also has a special Spa Table that puts you in a semi-reclining position to easily and comfortably work on your body while assuring the safety of your baby by not having you lay flat.

You will appreciate the bolstering used to massage you in the side-lying position as the pregnancy progresses.

What the Experts Say About Pregnancy Massage

“Pregnancy and childbirth can be the greatest and most fulfilling of a woman’s experiences. It is important that their contribution to life be a time of strength, joy and happiness. Incorporating bodywork and neuromuscular massage enables one to reduce physical and mental tension, increase strength and endurance and experience ease and comfort during pregnancy, childbirth and post partum.””

—William J McKenzie Jr., M.D. Diplomat American Board of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Pregnancy Massage provides the following beneficial support:

  • Physiologically assists gestation by supporting the heart, increasing cellular respiration, reducing edema and contributing to sympathetic nervous system sedation.

  • Alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints, fascia and muscles.

  • Reduces neck and back pain caused by improper posture, muscle weakness, tension, and imbalance.

  • Provides emotional support and physical nurturing, especially for those alone in the pregnancy.

  • I have specialized training in Somatic Emotional Release techniques to help process emotions that can cause “body armoring” and increased spasm and tension.

$100. per hour

Pregnancy Massage

Learn to Give Infant Massage

Studies have shown the enormous benefits of infant massage.

  • Increased bonding with child

  • Increased growth especially in premature babies

  • Reduces colic and aids digestion

  • Sedates and calms anxious babies

  • Releases “womb tension” and tight muscles

  • Helps stretch and create mobility

  • Minimizes postural imbalances

  • Aids baby in perceptions of where their body is moving and helps equilibrium

  • Contributes to proper motor and brain development

  • Speeds development of lungs and gastro-intestinal tract in premature infants

  • Speeds development of nervous system

You can learn to give your baby the loving healthy touch that will help it thrive through instruction by Phoenix.

Contact Phoenix at: 253-838-3336

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