Massage Gift Certificates

Make Gift Giving Simple And Appreciated With Spa Gift Certificates:

If you want to really pamper someone, give them the gift of “Ahhhh Spa.”

 Note: All products purchased will show “MyNameIsPhoenix” as the seller.

To Buy Your Gift Certificate You Must: Purchase the Gift Certificate, then download the gift certificate and fill in your transaction receipt number in the authorization code line along with the date you purchased it or it will not be valid. 

Ultimate Spa Package:

90 minutes– Includes: Aromatherapy Hydrating Scalp Treatment, Aromatherapy Foot Bath, Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand Treatment, Aromatherapy Hydrating Body Wrap, and a 60 Minute Massage. $150 

Ultimate Spa Package Gift Cert

 “I Love My Face” Spa Package:

75 minutes-A Luxurious Spa “Facelift Massage”, Aromatherapy Face Steam, and Cool Gemstone Treatment.

  • This is the most advanced massage treatment available for affecting a change in the face naturally.

  • Forget expensive and sometimes dangerous plastic surgery or injecting toxins close to your brain!

  • Facelift Massage:

    • Improve your looks and facial muscle tone

    • See a healthy change in your face

    • Reduces puffiness around eyes

    • Reduces face puffiness and double chin

    • Minimizes fine lines

    • Improve cellular nutrition and decrease cell waste buildup to positively affect how cells age

    • Helps reduce acne

    • Increase elastin production

    • Useful in managing conditions such as dry, dull looking skin

    • Increase cellular hydration

  • Gemstones add beneficial vibrational energy to help balance your body’s natural energy.

  • Facial Steam opens pores and detoxifies.

  • Aromatherapy reduces harmful bacteria and improves lymphatic flow to the face increasing detoxification and enhancing your mood.

  • To Learn More About This Facelift Massage Click Here:

Offered at Exclusive Spas around the world at over $225 now offered to you for: $150 (A $75 discount!) 

I Love My Face Spa Package Gift Cert

Note: Some health conditions such as active cancer may be contra-indicated for massage and must have a doctor’s release to have massage treatments.

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Chocolate Spa treatments Are Exquisitely Relaxing.

 Chocolate Spa Package:

  • Pure Indulgence!  First your feet will be soaked in a tantalizing milk and cocoa blend to soften the skin and impart anti-oxidants, not to mention the heavenly aroma.
  • You will have body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system and clear away old skin cells preparing your skin to receive the Chocolate Mint Yogurt Wrap.
  • Finally enjoy an exquisite massage with chocolate mint massage cream. It smells so good you’ll want to eat it.
  • I will conclude the treatment with some chocolate to eat of course!

 See the Spa Specialties page for a description of Chocolate’s benefits.

$200 Value discounted to $150.

Massage Gift Cert chocolate spa_web


Body Wrap, Body Buff and Massage Package

  • Half-hour Massage- Full body relaxation massage
  • Body Buff/Lymphatic Stimulation Treatment: Your immune system will be enhanced with lymphatic stimulating strokes with a natural bristle brush that also exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving your skin ready for the hydrating, aromatherapy body wrap.
  • Aromatherapy Hydrating Body Wrap: Will leave your skin soft, and lusciously touchable.

Valued at: $130. Special Price of: $75.

Body Wrap Spa Package Download.

60 Minute Massage Gift Certificate:

Treat someone you like to an hour of relaxing massage and aromatherapy. 27 years experience will come through as evident. They will be totally blissed out.

$100.  (To get a $20. discount off each hour massage see the discounts here.)

Massage Gift Cert 60 min_web

90 Minute Massage Gift Certificate:

A fully pampering and relaxing treatment to be sure. 90 minutes of attention to every sore muscle along with Aromatherapy. You may need a designated driver after this relaxing treatment.

$150.  (To get a $20. discount off each hour massage see the discounts here.)

Massage Gift Cert 90 min_web

Spa gift Certificates, Tens Units, heated back packs

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