Qigong Lessons

Qigong is the Practice and Science of Gathering the Qi (Bio-Magnetic Energy Found in All Living Things) and Circulating it Through Our Body For Health, Strength, Stress Reduction, and Longevity.

–Phoenix Alexander

During the current Pandemic we need to strengthen our bodies and  immune systems more than ever.

Qigong is now being offered via Zoom on Monday Nights at 7 pm. Scroll down for more information. There are over 5,000 studies documenting the health benefits of Qigong. 


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Qigong is an Invaluable Resource for People Living with Acute Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks,  Trauma Survivors, or Anyone Struggling with Chronic Health Problems or PTSD.

Qigong Lessons  are held on Monday Nights at 7 pm. Broadcast from Alpine Therapeutic Massage over Zoom Conferencing. 

Buy your spot in the Qigong Lesson and email me your receipt number. Email: AlpineTherapeuticMassage@gmail.com

I will send you a secured link to the Qigong lesson before it starts.

$25.00 per single lesson.

Or Buy 4 and get an audio guided visualization to reduce stress.  “Reducing Fearful Thoughts Meditation”. 

Qigong Payment Certificate  print this.


Veterans: First Lesson is Free! 

Veterans receive first lesson FREE


Qigong Immersion Seminars:

At This Amazing 1/2 Day Seminar you will be transformed!

Experience These Healing Practices:

  • Breath Empowerment that will make you feel energy in a way you have never experienced before! You will literally vibrate and buzz with Qi.

  • 9 Breath Warrior Breathing-Practiced by Tibetan Monks for the extraordinary power it gives you to change your mental and physical state.

  • Qigong Healing Forms: These are gentle, simple poses that anyone can do.

  • 9 Breath Manifestation Circle: Join with your intent and heart in helping to heal yourself and make positive changes to our communities and the world.

  • Guided Visualizations for Change and Healing

  • The Group Synergy of amplified Qi with other Qigong Students

Next Half Day Seminar is Held On: 


  • Get a comfortable chair ready to do the 9 Breath Warrior Breathing.

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Get a lunch ready before the event as we will break for lunch.

  • Get a Yoga Mat on the floor or several layers of blankets to lay on for Breath Empowerment.

  • Get Your Laptop or Tablet ready for a Zoom meeting so you can see the broadcast. 

Buy your spot in the conference and email me your receipt number. Email: AlpineTherapeuticMassage@gmail.com

Normal price is $100.

Prepay to receive a $25. Discount. $75. for the Seminar.

Print your payment Certificate Here: Qigong Seminar Certificate

Write your receipt number on the certificate as proof of purchase.

RSVP 253-838-3336



Qigong is a Healing, Meditative, Practice that Strengthens Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Natural Healing Resources. 

It creates a powerful, tranquil state, that is unlike anything you have felt before! You can feel the vibration of Qi resonating through your body, providing strength, oxygen to your entire body, and potent activation of your body’s natural ability to heal!

Anciently it was practiced by Warriors as a Martial Art Form that gave them an advantage in strength, focus, and especially recovery from injuries. It was a closely guarded secret that was taught only to the most skilled and deserving students. 

It was so effective that is has been handed down for thousands of years as a healing, meditative– even spiritual practice if you choose to take it to that level.

    Phoenix At Veteran’s Resource Fair



Veterans:  When implemented by “Modern Day Warriors” it gives you control and focus in your mind and body to handle all the things you deal with during or after your service to our country.

Thank You For Serving!

  • Qigong is most like Tai Chi. Although Qigong is 5,000 years old and Tai Chi is less than 1000 years old. Qigong is the Mother of Tai Chi. Qigong is not practiced as a Hard-Style Martial Art, but rather as a smooth-flowing, strong, deliberate concentration of bio-magnetic energy to strengthen and benefit the body and mind.

  • It is a series of simple, slow movements that anyone can master! It can be done seated or standing.  

  • It is an Excellent Healing Practice For Anyone Struggling with Health Issues and Offers a Unique Alternative Therapy For People Who Have Tried Everything Else To Gain Control Of Their Lives!

  • Thousands of documented studies show the healing properties of Qigong and how it can reverse many diseases. There is a database of over 4,000 research studies on the effectiveness of Qigong in clinical applications.

I am a Level 3 Certified Instructor. Join me soon to experience

the Qi flow and benefits.



Thrive with a 5,000 Year Old Healing Practice…

This ancient health-promoting practice will help you to elevate your body’s natural healing responses creating optimal health.

Phoenix Loves Doing Qigong in Nature. (Empty Force Upper Posture).


Benefits of Qigong

Helps Trauma Survivors, and those struggling with flashbacks, panic attacks, or anxiety to immediately change from a “fight or flight response” to a “rest and restore response”. 

Even the CIA has studied how Qigong changes brainwaves in a unique way that is beneficial.

  • Increases Gamma brainwaves linked with the prevention of dementia

  • Creates Alpha Brainwaves associated with peak athletic performance.

  • Create a joyful, relaxed, yet powerful state of mind

  • Increases oxygen in the body reducing incidence of diseases, such as cancer, that thrive in oxygen deprived environment.

  • Increases your store of the body’s natural bio-magnetic energy called Qi (Pronounced “Chi”)

  • Increase mental clarity,

  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety

  • Increase metabolism

  • Increase oxygen to the brain which requires 20% of the body’s oxygen.

  • Slow down the markers of aging throughout the body, including the skin

  • Increase joint mobility

  • Increase bone density

  • Increase mind/body awareness

  • Create a tranquil meditate state

  • Increase physical strength and stamina

  • Help regulate digestion, and relieve symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and Chrohn’s Disease.

  • Increase health and function of the Cardiovascular System: Decrease BP, and heart rate

  • Increase health of lungs including ability to hold breath longer, breathe fuller and increase oxygen levels in the body and brain

  • Increase your store of the body’s natural biomagnetic energy called Qi (Chi)

  • May promote a longer, healthier life

  • Help to regulate Glucose levels in Type 2 Diabetics

  • Improves balance

  • Improves sleep becoming more effective, and restorative and you may need less sleep

  • Create a joyful, relaxed yet powerful state of mind

  • Improves memory, and increases ability to focus

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces Free Radicals

Qigong Lessons Every Tuesday Night at 7 PM PST
Drawing the Bow from Level 2 Healing Qigong Form

Benefits of Breath Empowerment and 9 Breath Warrior Breathing

· Get you out of fight or flight NOW!

· Get you into a tranquil, yet very empowered state

· Increase micro-circulation, bringing oxygen, blood and nourishment to your entire body

· Transform, your emotional state powerfully

· Provide full oxygenation which boosts white blood cells, fights disease, depression, and anxiety

· Give your blood as much oxygen as if you just ran a 5K

· This is the best high you will ever get—all on oxygen!

· Bring a Vet or Trauma Survivor (Very Powerful for Anyone Struggling With PTSD)

· Guaranteed full-body vibration—which is the Qi flowing through you