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Create Optimal Health with Reiki

Is Reiki Right For Me?

Often people have an intuitive feeling that something in their life, body, or mind is out of balance; or they feel like they are struggling within themselves or their environment.

They usually find Reiki at the perfect time for them. Since you are reading this it may be an indication now is the time to begin Reiki and energetic, natural healing.

As a Reiki Master I don’t create the healing, YOU DO! I am the conduit or conductor of the Qi or Ki– the Healing Light Force. I stream the energy to the areas that seem out of balance or out of harmony with your highest good.

I intuitively customize your treatment to the areas that “invite or call to me” for balance or harmony. You will experience a higher level of energetic vibration after the Reiki than you had before. Many people experience the Qi or Ki energy as a hum, or vibration in your whole body or parts receiving balance or healing stimulation.

Reiki is a profoundly relaxing and tranquil experience, often more than a traditional massage with the added benefit of stimulating healing on many levels.

Many scientific studies are being conducted on the effectiveness of Energy Healing Practices showing their validity to help you on your path to healing and wellness.

What Reiki Can Do

Reiki works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels. It stimulates your body’s own natural healing responses.

Reiki is intelligent and goes to the root causes or sources of imbalances and help you stimulate healing in all levels of your being.

Reasons you may want to experience a Reiki session:

· General balancing

· Clearing emotional blocks

· Physical pain

· Increasing clarity

· Issues with life or relationships

· Mind/Body Balance

· Balancing Emotions

· Stimulates Healing

How is Reiki different from other Energetic Healing Therapies?

Reiki is holistic in its approach and works not only with the symptoms an individual experiences but the root cause of the imbalance as well.

It uses the Universal Life Force found in all living things. This is called Prana, Qi, Chi, or Ki. The Practitioner gathers and directs the Qi into your body in the areas of the Chakras and other out of balance areas. This helps you harness the power of Qi for your personal wellbeing.

How is Reiki different than Qigong?

Both practices use the Universal Light Force/Source to conduct this energy into our bodies for increased health and wellness. Qigong calls the energy Qi, pronounced Chi, and it was documented as a healing practice around 5000 years ago. Reiki calls the energy Ki, pronounced like Key, and has been used since the 1940’s.

Qigong is an active practice and the person doing Qigong uses various postures and movements to gather the Qi and bring it into the 3 main energy centers called Dan Tians.

Reiki uses the Ki to direct it mainly into the Chakras, energy centers in our bodies that are recognized as significant areas for our health and well being. In Reiki the recipient relies on the Reiki Master to stream or conduct the Ki for them into the areas that need balancing and increased energy.

Both Qigong and Reiki are profoundly helpful, healing practices and I offer both here at Alpine Therapeutic Massage.

What to Expect During a Reiki Session

You will complete a confidential client history form that outlines your areas of concern on your body and the areas in your life that you would like the session to focus on. This will also help the practitioner monitor your progress from session to session. Once you have asked any questions you have, you will relax on a therapy table.

The practitioner will place their hands above your body over various parts in a sequential order, covering the Chakras and other out of balance areas.

At the end of the session, your practitioner can indicate which areas they focused their attention on and their general impressions of the session.

Qi, is the Universal Life Force or Bio-Magnetic Energy, and is not limited by time or space.

These are the foundation principles of Reiki and a wonderful way to live

Distance Reiki

You can receive an attunement anywhere in the world, rather than being physically present with the practitioner.

If you are receiving a distance attunement or balance, you will relax comfortably in your chosen space.

The practitioner will begin beaming or conducting the Chi to your body in the areas of the Chakras and any other places needing specific balance or attention. There is little difference between an in person session and a distance session.

You will receive great benefit from the balance or attunement even over a distance. During this time of Covid 19, distance sessions may be more desirable since the outcome is to increase health rather than compromise it.

Frequently asked questions: FAQ’s

I don’t live near you. Can I still get Reiki Treatments?

You can receive an attunement anywhere in the world, rather than being physically present with the practitioner. Sessions can be conducted for loved ones who are ill-even if they are not conscious.

Reiki can be done for those who are passing on. If you are receiving a distance attunement or balance, you will relax comfortably in your chosen space which can aid in the relaxation process as it is your familiar environment.

To schedule a distance treatment call me at 253-838-3336 in the USA.

Or Email me at AlpineTherapeuticMassage@gmail and we will schedule a time that suits our different time zones.

I want my pets to benefit from Reiki. Do you do Pet Reiki?

Yes. Pets need balance, healing and harmony in their body systems also. Since they can’t tell you they need it, they rely on you to get their needs met. Valuable race horses and other livestock, who have savvy owners, perform their best from Reiki treatments.

Pet Reiki is most often done as a distance treatments and over Zoom or some other means. Pets are often visibly affected positively with Reiki. Whether your pet has fur, scales, or feathers or something else, Reiki can benefit them.

I once did a distance Reiki session on a small dog who was in severe respiratory distress. This had been an ongoing occurrence and this time it was very severe. The owner took her to the Emergency Vet Clinic where she was diagnosed with “Pancreatitis” with no acknowledgement of the breathing problems.

The very vexed owner called and we decided on a distance Reiki session for her beloved dog. It had been released from the vet with no suitable resolution.

I began the Reiki session for her dog and the results were immediate. She relaxed, began breathing better and did not have to go back to the emergency Vet clinic.

In the session, I intuitively understood that the respiratory distress, which was not diagnosed by the Vet, but was why the owner took the dog there, was an allergy to something being diffused in the air-Clove and Cinnamon and also to rotisserie chicken with garlic that was a staple in her diet.

After identifying the causes and receiving distance Reiki, the dog has gone on to thrive with no recurrence and more visible energy and vibrancy. Even the scars from her spaying have decreased with the Reiki Treatment.

Can plants benefit from Reiki?

Yes, plants show quite visible benefits over time from Reiki treatments. I bought a dying fern at a discount of 50% that I thought would make a great Reiki effectiveness experiment. It was yellowing on many leaves and dropping lots of leaves as well.

I did plant Reiki on it and over a few weeks the yellow leaves turned green and it quit dropping the leaves. What I found even more interesting is how half of the plant doubled in height over about 2 months. The other side just regained healthy color and retained its leaves. I don’t know why the growth only happened on one side but it certainly provides a contrast to the size it used to be.

I also did Reiki on my little backyard orchard on my cherry, apple and pear trees as well as my raspberry plants. I was relieved to see my efforts pay off in the most fruit the trees have ever had on them–all of them! Additionally, we had a heat wave that broke all records and my plants have continued to thrive with good watering and the Reiki Treatments. I had to explain to my backyard neighbor what I was doing as I drew the Reiki symbols in the air over the plants and then moved the Ki from the roots out to the branches and leaves. He was quite intrigued.

I can do Reiki for your valuable plants as well. One of my practices to give back to Nature is to do a Reiki treatment for trees that give me shade while I am out doing Qigong in the outdoors.

Can Reiki be done for large or small groups?

Yes. Individual Reiki sessions are very effective, but their are times a Reiki attunement can be done for large and small groups, such as businesses, sports teams, or even those affected by natural disasters or other traumatic events.

You can contact me for group pricing for you group. I will be offering distance Group Reiki sessions soon from my spa over Zoom.

In the group sessions I will take you through a guided visualization to help you do self assessment of your Chakras and teach you a little about how to keep them in balance for your daily wellbeing. After the visualization I will do a Group Reiki Balance Session.

Are you teaching classes on Reiki for others to become Reiki Practitioners?

Yes. I will be offering individual training and group training classes to attune you to be Reiki Practitioners, so you can provide treatments to others.

These classes will begin in the Fall of 2021. Watch for announcements of the specific dates.

Are there different sources or types of Energy?

Yes, there certainly are. Energy has different frequencies, or vibrational resonance that can be measured in Hz. Our thoughts have various frequencies, our emotions have different frequencies. Even germs, viruses, and illnesses have a vibrational frequency. Low vibrational frequencies generated from negative energy in our external environments, or from the energy generated by the circumstances around us, or in our bodies- created from our habitual negative or disempowering thoughts, leads to decreased vitality and illness in mind and body, instead of health and wellness.

A specialized type of photography called Kirlian photography can visibly show the energetic resonance emanating from people and objects. I have a brilliant picture of a Kirlian photograph of Geranium essential oil that shows a warm glow of light almost like a halo around the bottle of it.

So why is this important to know?

Have you ever walked into a room where you felt the anger, hostility, malice, or depression emanating from a person, or even and animal?

Have you ever walked into a business, building, a room, or a home, where the energy or atmosphere was off and felt oppressive, heavy, negative, or even made you afraid?

Have you ever met someone that your “gut” or intuition told you did not have good intentions towards you?

If you have experienced any of these, your intuition or” inner compass” is working with your mind/body and you are sensing negative energy and low vibrational frequencies. There was a sense of darkness, foreboding or negativity rather than light. This sensing is a way that your mind/body was warning you that this place or person was not going to be for your highest good or benefit.

You will likely also recall how you feel in the presence of someone emanating light, goodness, love and acceptance, and forgiveness. It feels light, freeing, pleasant and tranquil. These are the frequencies and energy we want to cultivate and maintain. It takes effort and sometimes we need a little help.

This is where working with a Reiki Master who works with the light from the One True Source can be invaluable.

When you work with energy it’s important to work with someone who resonates with your values and spiritual ideals because energy is subtle but powerful. You need to work with someone who senses the contrasts in energy, recognizing the positive and negative frequencies and energy, who can also help YOU to recognize the energy that is part of your life. Becoming in tune so you can protect yourself energetically and physically and mentally will help you to remove all blocks and hindrances from your forward progress into health, vitality and personal empowerment.

In my book “Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix” (available on Amazon or directly from me) I have an entire chapter dedicated to help you develop your inner knowing and inner compass or intuition. I believe we are all born with this Divine gift to point us in the directions of light and truth and keep us out of difficulty and danger. This source of inspiration will guide us to the answers we seek about what we should and should not do, who we should and should not interact with, and will be a benefit that steadily leads us along our true path.

This is different than psychic ability, which in my opinion can be manipulated, or you can tap into sources that are negative that will divert you from your true path on your life’s purpose. I am aware of people who “channel” sources outside themselves for guidance such as “spirit guides”. I would exercise great caution in this arena. I only want to receive guidance that comes directly to me from the source of all knowledge that is of light and truth.
No one else is entitled to receive the answers for me. This is my personal path. I only want to tap into the true source of power and truth for assistance that it is freely ours if we learn to listen, pay attention, and act on the guidance that we receive. This is my recommendation to you as well.

I have taken the additional steps of being credentialed as an ordained minister to assist me as I work with energy and to ensure that your experiences here are ones that will benefit and edify you. No we won’t be talking about or practicing “religion” in your sessions, but in ancient sacred texts such as the Bible, hands on healing was a tremendous part of the healing of individuals and communities.

I have dedicated my life to recognize, cultivate, work in, and maintain the light from the True Source in my life. It has lead me to many areas of discovery in how to heal my own mind and body that have experienced long term, extreme, abuse and trauma.

My saving grace is that I never gave up my faith in the healing power, and Divine guidance outside of us, that we can utilize by tuning into the “right frequencies”.

Reiki and Qigong can be a direct conduit to the light and the amplification of this positive, loving source of light and healing.

My Universal Life Church Ordination

Remember you are always stronger than the negativity around you!

Can Reiki be used to clear a business, room, indoor or outdoor space or even a “thing”?

Yes it certainly can. You want to be in spaces and places that resonate positivity and empowering feelings and emotions. It is sometimes difficult to know exactly how to achieve this desired result. Reiki is one of the tools that can be used to create harmony, balance and tranquility, and even a barrier of energetic safety within a space. There are other tools that are very effective also. You can inquire into more specifics with me.

I personally do not use programmed crystals or other inanimate objects to create the changes in the environment or clear a space or thing, although crystals do emit a positive frequency. I am aware of them also being used for more negative purposes. Instead I defer to the source of power of all that is light, good, and beneficial, while acknowledging with gratitude the source of this power.

Can you clear my space with Reiki?

This is a possibility. This is a very specialized service and requires a bit of background on the situations present that you want to clear. Contact me for details and prices. I am quite selective about what I expose myself to. Thanks for understanding.

Credentials and Training:

Reiki Classes Completed

  • Chi Ball Master
  • Money Reiki Level 1-Practitioner
  • Money Reiki Level 2 Master
  • Money Reiki Level 3 Grand Master
  • Reiki Level 1,2, and Master Teacher Program
  • Reiki Level 1,2, and Master Certification-Energy Healing
  • Advanced Reiki Training and Master Teacher Training
  • Advanced Reiki Master Teacher Certificate Course-96 hours
  • Advanced Reiki-Prove Your Reiki Works
  • Reiki Distance Healing Specialist Certification Course
  • Reiki Secrets Revealed: Complete 30 Hour Certification Course
  • Reiki Space Clearing Certification-Energy Healing
  • How to Protect and Restore Yourself from Negative Energy

Training for Animal Reiki:

  • Animal Reiki Master
  • Animal Communication Certified Course
  • Fully Accredited Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification
  • Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification
  • Animal and Pet Reiki Energy Healing Certification Course

Chakra Training:

  • Chakra healing Certificate Course-Effective Energy Healing
  • Advanced Chakra Healing Certification Course
  • Your 7 Chakras: The Complete Guide to your Energy Body
  • Chakra Vocal Sound Healing
  • Accredited Group Chakra Healing Practitioner

What are your prices for Reiki Sessions and how long do they last?

Personal Live or Distance Sessions:

             1 hour sessions $150.

I recommend starting with 4 sessions. It gives you the opportunity to work out long-standing issues.

$550 for Four hour long sessions a $50 discount.

When you buy 4 Sessions you get several bonuses.

A 40 minute Self Hypnosis session for helping your body to heal emotionally and physically. “Healing Sanctuary” Inner Body Temple.

A PDF copy of my book “Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way of the Phoenix”

When you buy a series of Four 60 minute Sessions you get:

A 40 minute Self Hypnosis Session for helping your body to heal emotionally and physically. “Healing Sanctuary- Inner Body Temple”.

A PDF copy of my book Turning Trials Into Triumphs

2 Guided Meditation Sessions

“Emotional Awareness Meditation” 14 minutes

“Future rehearsal to overcome worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts”. 19 minutes

Group Distance Sessions$125 per session per individual. Typically 60 minutes.

A guided meditation for becoming aware of your Chakras and areas of imbalance so you can help to heal yourself in between sessions with your Reiki Practitioner.

Reiki Balancing Session by Reiki Master Phoenix Alexander

For large or small private groups contact me for pricing.

Make your appointment today by calling: