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Join the “Monthly Massage Club” for Fabulous Discounts

Instead of paying $65. for each massage, enjoy a $15 discount EVERY MONTH.

A hydrating Aromatherapy Scalp Massage Treatment is included with each massage!

That’s a $15 discount on the massage and $10 discount on the Aromatherapy Scalp Massage Treatment


Here’s how it works: Each month your credit card is drafted $50. (on the 15th of the month) and you get to come in once or more per month for a massage. If you want to come in for a 2nd massage it’s also $50!

For Just $50 dollars a month you enjoy excellent massage therapy and stress reducing aromatherapy:

  • This assures that you are getting relaxed, and decreasing your stress,

  •  You are taking great care of your body and  muscles by keeping them more flexible and less tight .

  • Everyone should have a monthly massage for good health maintenance.

  • Monthly massage made easy, just schedule each month and the rest is taken care of.

  • Your credit card information is kept safely offline to assure your privacy

  • If you want to come in more than once per month, enjoy the $20 discount on all massages for the month

  • You can have a 90 minute massage for $20 discount also!

  • You get a superior massage from someone with excellent skills all at an affordable price!

If you don’t use your massage any month, it builds up as credit or you can gift it as a coupon to someone else. This is a HUGE savings. You Don’t have a contract and you can cancel at any time:

Call now to get started. (It makes a great gift for someone you love.)


Get the Mobile Phone App and start building customer loyalty rewards and get valuable coupons! Get the link and QR code here


Bulk Discount Massages:

If you don’t want to join the Monthly Massage Club, you can buy massages in a bulk discount.

When you buy four 1 hour Relaxation Massages they are only $45 each!  You don’t have to join the Massage Club for this bulk discount. You can pay conveniently with a credit cars.

You can buy them as vouchers and gift them to someone else if you like. All discount vouchers expire in 1 year. If redeemed after 1 year the full retail price will apply.

Monthly Massage Club Discount

Discounted Massage Each Month


My Best Ever Spa Package On Sale Now!

Valued at $185– Now $100 Off!

For Only $85. You Get 90 Minutes of Bliss– With All This: 

Aromatherapy Treatments:

  • Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand Treatment- Leaves your hands relaxed and silky smooth

  • Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage- Heavenly relaxation and fragrance that lingers


  • 1/2 hour Full Body Massage- Totally relaxing and pampering

Lymphatic Treatment:

  • Exfoliating Dry Body Brushing- Removes dead skin cells, leaving you smooth, plus stimulates your immune system!


  • Aromatherapy Foot Bath- Relieves tired, aching feet.

  • Hot Steamy Towel For Your Face- Opens your pores and created fantastic relaxation

Luxury Body Wrap:

  • Aromatherapy Hydrating Full Body Wrap- Will leave you fragrant and soft

This is the BEST EVER Spa Package assembled in one place. Come and see for yourself. Or give it away to a friend as a gift.

 To buy Gift Certificates click the Buy Now button below, then print the Gift Certificate from the link below, and use the transaction number found on your receipt number for your authorization code. 


 Print the Gift Certificate From Here: Ultimate Spa Package Gift Cert

In order for the Gift Certificate to be valid you must fill in your receipt number on the Authorization Code line,

along with your date of purchase. The seller will be:

Call 253-838-3336 to book your 90 minutes of bliss today!


 Give the Gift of “Ahhhhhhhh”

 Spa Treatments as Gifts

Ahhhhhh…..Is Spa Pampering At it’s Finest!

60 Minute Body Wrap Spa Package:


Enjoy a 30 Minute Massage, an Aromatherapy Body Brushing Treatment to exfoliate and assist your immune system, and an Aromatherapy Hydrating Body Wrap to keep you moisturized from head to foot. Now Only $65. (Valued at: $115)

Why You’ll Love It!

To buy Gift Certificates click the Buy Now button below, then print the Gift Certificate from the link below, and use the transaction receipt number for your authorization code. 

Print the Gift Certificate from here:  Body Wrap Spa Package   

For a whole hour you’ll be pampered by Phoenix Alexander — who has more than 25 years of industry experience. In addition to being an experienced massage therapist, Phoenix is a Certified Aromatherapist, and she uses her thorough knowledge of both to enhance the therapeutic benefit of your spa experience.

Leg Massage-Enjoy discounted massage and spa treatments

To Buy These Special Gift Deals Call Me at: 253-838-3336

Provide the name and contact information( including their email)  of the person you are gifting the package to so I can follow up with them and invite them to redeem it. If you’re buying these packages for yourself– and I highly encourage you to do this, I will also need your name, contact and credit card information.

The Spa Package Voucher can be mailed to you or emailed to you.


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