You should know about this…..Somatic Emotional Release Bodywork

I do an innovative form of bodywork called Interactive Trauma Relief.

It works wonders for people experiencing limitations based on past trauma, abuse, or dis-empowering past or present circumstances. You can learn more about it on the body/emotions massage tab. Here’s what clients receiving this amazing bodywork have to say about it.

Here is a testimonial from a client receiving this bodywork.

“I have been receiving Somatic Emotional Release Bodywork (Aka: Interactive Trauma Relief) from Phoenix for a while now. I have tried other styles of bodywork, and was looking for someone with the skills and talent to help me offload the negativity I wanted to release. I found Phoenix and began treatment immediately. When I first came, traumatic events from my past were still having a negative effect on my present life- which is very successful in most areas. I just needed some help in re-framing, and releasing events, feelings and circumstances that were still injecting their negativity into my life and intruding on my ability to have all I design to achieve. I have tried several other approaches, including other types of bodywork, and coaching/counseling, with limited success. I had not yet found the right resources to overcome my limitations until I this. I’m so glad I found Phoenix and her bodywork style– Interactive Trauma Relief!

This bodywork has had so many positive benefits in my life. As a best-selling author, I rely on my creativity to produce ideas and results and make me money. When I was using too much of my energy to deal with the past, it drained my creative energy. Now, since I have been receiving Interactive Trauma Relief, I have much more energy to concentrate on what I want and create what I desire. The fears, difficulties and limitations of the past are fading into oblivion. I am moving rapidly forward in every arena of my life, from relationships and family, and writing creativity, to improved self-image and mind-body health.

I tell Phoenix often, she has an exceptional gift of helping people heal. She is great about working at the pace I need to get the greatest results. I believe anyone looking to get to the next level of achievement, or find relief from negative circumstances from the past or present, should come and get bodywork from Phoenix. She knows several different styles all designed to give you relief. You will finally find the inner strength, peace, and help you deserve!

Come and let her help you the way she has help me.”


Carolyn McCray


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