Aromatherapy Summer Spa Specials

I love the Summer and getting out into the Sun in our exceptionally beautiful area. I hope you get to enjoy the great weather too.

Join me for some discounted deals now through July 31st.

1 hour Spa Package:

A great sampler of many of the Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy treatments as well as massage. Valued at: $100. Now for $50 until the end of July!

You get:

½ hour Swedish Massage

Aromatherapy Foot Bath

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment

Hot Aromatherapy Paraffin Hand Treatment

Fancy Feet Treatment:

1/2 hour treatment:

Valued at: $75 Now for $50 until the end of July!

You get:

Aromatherapy Foot Bath

Aromatherapy Foot Exfoliation

Aromatherapy Skin Softening Mask

& Vibrating Professional Foot Massager Treatment

Add ½ hour Foot Massage for an additional $35.

Hydrating Body Wrap for Summer Skin-

If you are like me, your skin becomes almost reptilian dry in the Summer. Pamper your skin with this luxurious hydrating treatment that also stimulates the immune system.   

1/2 hour treatment: Valued at: $65. Now for $50 until the end of July!

You get:

Immune Stimulating Dry Body Brush Brush with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Hydrating Body Wrap

Add a ½ hour massage for $35. ($10 off)

Call to Set your appointment and pay for your Spa Specials


Real Estate Corner -Yes I have had a Real Estate License since 2003. I decided to let you all know I can help with that too.

The market is cooling down a little and we are seeing decreasing sales with the increasing interest rates. We are also seeing price reductions and longer days on the market. The days of multiple offers and exponentially over list price are done.

Experts predict that this will stabilize the market a little and create more buyer opportunities. The likelihood of a “bubble burst” with drastically reduced prices is unlikely given the tremendous growth of people moving into the Seattle area. We also have a steady influx of people moving into our area for jobs, around 1000 per month that need housing. This means demand is still strong for housing.

One of my primary focuses in life is on safety. For the next 2 months you will be receiving my Layers of Safety flyers to help you be safe in your homes, and personally. I believe this is a great value to you. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years learning techniques to increase my ability to defend myself and stay safe. Enjoy what I can share in a newsletter for FREE.

When you hear of someone looking to Buy or Sell A home, please call me with their contact information 253-838-3336.

You can view the flyer on my other website:

It’s my 33rd Anniversary in Business!

Now through June 15th enjoy Special Celebration Pricing on Great Spa Treatments.

Remember these make great gifts for graduation, bridal showers, birthdays or special recognition awards.

Enjoy luxurious pampering with the Ultimate Spa Package. 90 minutes.

  • Aromatherapy Treatments: Paraffin Hand Treatment, Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage
  • Hydrotherapy: Aromatherapy Foot Bath
  • Massage: 1/2 hour Full Body Massage- Totally relaxing and pampering
  • Lymphatic Treatment: Exfoliating Dry Body Brushing
  • Luxury Body Wrap: Aromatherapy Hydrating Full Body Wrap

Normally $110 now for $90. Or buy 4 for $350.00

With all the turmoil in the world right now it is imperative that you learn and practice daily mental and physical health practices. I offer some unique treatments that are exceptionally effective.

Ultimate Healthy Spa Treatments: All of these techniques can be done over Zoom.

Reiki: 1 hour. Normally $115 now for $95. Or buy 4 for $350.00 See this page for more details

Hypnotherapy: 1 hour.  Normally $115 now for $95.  Or buy 4 for $350.00 See this page for more details. Choose your subject such as weight release, anxiety, depression, finding happiness etc.

Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions– 1 hour. Normally $115 now for $95. Or buy 4 for $350.00 See this page for more details

Holographic Memory Release: ½ hour. Most effective used in a series. This is an excellent way to offload longstanding trauma in a passive way. Buy5 for $250.00. a savings of $25. See this page for more details.

Qigong: 1 hour. $25. For each lesson. Held on Tuesday Nights at 7pm over Zoom. When you buy 4 you receive a free Guided Visualization to listen to daily. “Emotional Awareness Meditation”.

2 Special Healing Events in Sept and Monthly Specials

The scorching Summer is over. It was hard on us. The months of Global Pandemic have kept us restricted in many ways, anxious, and some of us grieving,

It’s time for some self-care and healing

I like to do my part in helping the world be a healthier, happier, more enjoyable place. I am holding a 9-11 Special Event, designed especially to help do just that.

Saturday 9-11 Special Healing Event-“Freedom to Heal

Attached is the flyer for it. Join me to begin positive change in your life.

Registration is Here: Click on the Button to buy the Seminar

Many of you attended my event in person on 9-11-19 before the Covid outbreak. I am pleased to hold this event live over Zoom so everyone stays healthy and many more people can participate.

When you register you will be sent a link before the event. The event will be recorded so that if you can’t attend you can still get the recorded video and the benefits will not be diminished.

I have expanded the curriculum to offer a variety of immediate state changing tools to get out of a disempowering place to one of empowerment and lasting healing and change. I am using proven healing tools that you can implement in your daily life to improve your wellbeing.

Freedom to Heal Tools:

  • Qigong Breathing
  • Acupressure for Emotional Healing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Heart Activation Breathing

Refer a Friend and both of you get an Audio File “Releasing Fearful Thoughts Meditation”

Purchase Freedom To Heal here

Let’s start raising our vibrational frequency to increase wellness, and spread it one healthy person at a time to another. This will be a big contrast to what else is spreading right now in society. According to Quantum Mechanics, changing our frequency will attract many more things into our lives with higher frequencies. Those with similar high vibrational frequencies will vibrate with us in sympathetic resonance. This raising of vibration and intentions will help to improve what is happening all around us in many beneficial ways.

Join us for Whole Body Renewal

I have joined healing forces with another Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner to bring you a truly outstanding healing event for Sept 18th.

This half day seminar will be a catalyst for many positive changes you will feel immediately.

Featuring these Healing Tools:

Flyers are attached:

Please forward this Flyer or link to as many people as you can.

Purchase and Registration is at the link found below:

September Spa Specials:

If you have been fully vaccinated I welcome you back to my spa. I am taking extra precautions to maintain my health as I am immune-compromised. Therefore in person treatments are done more carefully. I am Fully Vaccinated.

Take $15 off the following Spa treatments now through September 30th.

Take time to boost your ability to stay healthy and resist illness with all the healthy tools I offer. You are worth it!

Call now to schedule an appointment. 253-838-3336

A Warm Welcome to my “Healing Sanctuary”

Hi I’m Phoenix. I want to extend a warm welcome to my spa here at Alpine Therapeutic Massage. I have been helping people to relax and activate the natural healing inherent in our bodies since 1989.

In addition to standard relaxation massage I have been diving deeper into the healing and personal empowerment realms with people through bodywork for decades. I believe that we relax, heal, and get the most from our lives when our bodies are in harmony, with our minds, and emotions and when we receive safe, appropriate, nurturing touch.

I have healthy, nurturing solutions for you here at my spa for you!

Welcome to Alpine Therapeutic Massage
Explore Healing in Mind Body and Spirit with Phoenix
Did you know that infants in orphanages who had all their needs met except nurturing touch failed to thrive and even died. Going through a global pandemic has challenged many of us to our very core. Now more than ever we are starving for meaningful connection, and healthy nurturing touch. Going through the Covid restrictions and lockdowns has changed us-- there is no question. Many people are experiencing very disempowering emotions that we aren’t sure how to cope with or handle. Many people are suffering from touch and connection deprivation.

I want to invite you to come to my spa where not only will you get an excellent massage from a woman with over 3 decades of experience, but you can explore, and begin your healing path with Energetic Healing practices, such as Reiki and Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditative practices, Hypnotherapy, and Cranio-Sacral treatment, as well as innovative mind and body healing techniques, such as Somatic Emotional Release and Holographic Memory Release.

I am a Personal Empowerment Coach, a licensed Hypnotherapist, and Licensed Massage Therapist. I believe I have a gift of insight and intuition that can assist you to overcome what is holding you back from the life you have always wanted to live.

I often see people who are drawn intrinsically to my spa who have been through years or decades of pain both emotional and physical. Some have been through years or decades of traditional talk therapy with limited success. They are so relieved to experience relief and answers to their problems that they often stay for years exploring the many relaxing, healing, and balancing practices I offer.

You will not find the cheapest prices here, instead you will find extraordinary experience, skills, and a genuine healing practitioner. I am especially skilled in working with trauma survivors. I invite you to explore my website and see which services resonate with you.

When you are ready to work with a compassionate, woman on a mission to cultivate light, happiness, and healing, I am only a phone call away.

Come and join me. I invite you to call and schedule your bodywork, coaching, or hypnotherapy session today at 253-838-3336.

Bookmark my website so you can see the rollout of many new services and experiences to help you on your path to your fullest most satisfying healthy life.

Weight Loss That Lasts– An Internet Course- Join Now

A Mind Expanding and Waist Reducing Class.

Last call to join the “Weight Loss That Lasts” Class!

If you can’t participate LIVE over Zoom, you can buy the class videos that will be recorded with each live session.

This is unlike any program you have ever participated in for weight loss.

Let’s have some fun!

This class will explore why you have lost weight and not kept it off, or why you can’t seem to lose weight.

It is all about establishing new ways of thinking, and being, to enhance your self-esteem and gain the cooperation of your subconscious mind to get real results that last.

The subconscious mind is the Big Boss and you have to know how to coax it into doing what you want with your own body.

I struggled with weight gain from a Medical Condition:

I do know what it’s like to be larger than you want. I gained 70 pounds while on Prednisone and fighting to stay alive from Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. I couldn’t exercise or it would bring on Adrenal Crisis that was life threatening. I hardly recognized myself and my self-esteem plummeted.

Through extraordinary effort, and a miracle I was healed from this illness that I was told by the medical experts I would die from.

Then began a long struggle to regain my self-esteem and my healthy body weight.

How I lost the 70 pounds…Then

  • I hired a personal trainer.
  • I did daily calorie counting and restriction,
  • Lifted weights, and did Cardio Exercise,
  • Worked out for 60-90 minutes a day,
  • And I lost the 70 pounds I had gained!
  • It took all the stamina and free time I had.
  • I felt and looked great.
  • And then life happened and I needed to do other things than obsess with my exercise.
  • I gained back around 15 pounds.

Now What?

How could I find a balance between enjoying my life, not feeling so restricted, and still be a healthy weight?

The Answers came out of my training to focus the mind, and using hypnotherapy, mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Techniques to manage stress and FOCUS ON WHAT I DO WANT.

The techniques I am sharing in this series absolutely work!

Using techniques I will show you, I now weigh less than I did when I was 24 years old, and in great shape, which was more than 3 decades ago… although pregnancy remodeled and changed the shape of my stomach.

I have lost that 15 pounds using the healthy habits and mental skills I will teach you, a few pounds per month. I am at a healthy body fat percentage and have good musculature. I have achieved my goal weight and feel great.

  • I am not the ideal BMI- and never will be, because of my body type, bone frame, and musculature. I am really OK with that.
  • I am within a healthy body fat percentage.
  • I wear a size 8 pants.
  • I like how I look.
  • I am quite pleased with my progress in meeting my health goal.
  • I may choose to release more weight and get back into exercise and weight lifting, when I don’t have to wear a mask at the gym.
  • I’m not into restricted oxygen when I exercise, or exposing myself to Coronavirus in a closed, sweaty, environment.

I needed to know these techniques work on their own. You can be confident that they do.

Like any good experiment you have to control the variables to know what works. So I did not do the usual weight loss techniques.

  • I did not exercise, although I have for years done ½ hour of Qigiong breathing every morning.
  • No aerobics, walking or weight lifting.
  • I did not count calories,
  • I did not diet,
  • I did not do a food journal,
  • I did not engage in mental warfare trying to lose this weight.

This time I did things differently…

I got smarter and used my brain and body together cooperatively.

I DID use:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Stress relief techniques,
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Visualization,
  • The POWER of my mind,
  • A focused goal to reach my healthy weight–slowly and steadily,
  • And more that I will share in this Transformational Course.

I accomplished all this during a Global Pandemic when most people gained weight!

Get The PDF Flyer here

Class starts on Wednesday the 9th at 7 pm. Registration and tuition are due on Tuesday the 8th. $300. for 4 classes, around 90 minutes each.

Call me to register. Pay with the secure Buy button Below. Space is limited.

A uniquely effective solution to Weight Loss That Lasts

Experiencing Stress?

There is so much more stress and anxiety than most people have ever experienced– all at once.

During the Pandemic, I got busy making my life better than it has ever been. I want to help you make your life better than it’s ever been too.

I have worked hundreds of hours to become a Licensed Hypnotherapist and Certified in multiple areas: Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy, EMDR, Meditation and Mindfulness, Weight Loss Specialist. etc.

I will be continually offering new classes to help you enrich your life and make the changes you have always wanted to make.

You can join me through Zoom on Tues and Wednesday Evenings at 7-8:30.

The first class will be to: Help you Cope and Overcome Stress and Anxiety. This is a truly unique and powerful combination of all I have learned and used in my very stress-filled life. I will be teaching concepts from my book- Turning Trials Into Triumphs the Way Of The Phoenix, and all the most powerful mind-body tools to give you control of your own life, despite what is going on around you.

I have overcome a life-threatening illness called Adrenal Insufficiency that I was told I would die from when I was 30. I am thriving despite some very serious trauma and stressful situations. You can too!

Join me to begin living the life you purposefully design with resilience and peace. Make your reservation today as space is limited to 10.


$300. for 4 weeks. Classes are around 90 minutes. Reservation deposit required by August 1st. of $100

Call now to reserve your Space 253-838-3336

Resources For Health During Coronavirus Social Isolation

The Governor has finally freed us to work again! 

We will be massaging with masks and you will need to wear one also. You will need to answer questions regarding Corona exposure. We will be taking extra time to disinfect between clients. 


I am expanding the ways I help people get the most from their lives and bodies.

I am now a licensed/registered Hypnotherapist.

You can schedule appointments to overcome all the stress accumulated during lock down, and other issues that you want to resolve. You can finally gain more control over the circumstances in your life!

Transform Yourself
Choose Hypnotherapy



Special Spa Discounts and Healthy Resources to Overcome “Coronavirus  Anxiety”

Read to the end for valuable health resources I want to share with you.


During this Pandemic it is especially important to strengthen your body’s natural healing resources and your immunity. Now you can do it from your home.

Additionally you can buy videos of pre-recorded Qigong Seminars.

Now Available Qigong Lessons and 1/2 Day Seminars through Zoom. Monday Nights at 7 pm. Monthly Half-Day Seminar Sunday June 21st from 10:00 am until around 2:30 pm. 

Click this link for all the details: 


Qigong Decreases Stress and Strengthens Immunity


This is a really hard time for everyone. I am especially struggling since my business have been closed for weeks due to the Pandemic. I hope to re-open in May and await direction from the Governor. 

I need to be able to pay my bills so as to keep the business open when the social isolation restrictions are over. I hope to offer a win/win to all of you.

If you buy gift certificates now they never expire. You can gift them to others also.

I have free added spa bonuses for any treatments bought in multiples and discount on all treatments.

All the links to Purchase Spa Treatments are found below.

With all the lack of touch people are suffering emotionally, and physically. I hope to be able to offer long-term solutions for your emotional and physical health.

Stay Well with Health Resources I will be sharing over the next few weeks and months, though videos and online webinars, including: Aromatherapy classes, Qigong classes, Conquering Any Disease-Food Healing classes, How to Create a Spa Oasis at home and much more. More is being uploaded soon.

See what’s available now by clicking here


I want you be able to stay calm so I am sharing a link to “Acupressure for Emotional First Aid” found on my website:


Stay Well with Aromatherapy Information found in my book!

I want to announce that I published a book in February. It’s called “Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix–A Guide to coping strategies and life skills”. It is a workbook format. Each chapter has stand alone information to help you work through everything that is happening right now in our world!

It is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Click the book image:

In my book is a comprehensive chapter on Essential Oils and Aromatherapy and how to mix and apply Aromatherapy blends for the Mind, Body and Environment.

Essential Oils are all naturally Anti-bacterial, many are also ANTIVIRAL. Essential oils are a very powerful way to protect you and your family from illness and boost your immune system and blood oxygen levels.

I have been through extraordinary adversity in my life and my struggles have brought me real solutions that have great benefit to others.

In Health,

Phoenix Alexander


Buy Gift Certificates now. You can gift them for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Anniversaries, Employee Recognition, Or Just For Yourself! (See below).

If you buy hugely discounted gift certificates now they never expire. 

How To Buy and Use Gift Certificates:

Download the Gift Certificates, pay with the “Buy” button, and use your receipt number as the authorization code to fill out on the gift certificate.

4 Massage Gift Certificates (90 Min) for: $300. A Savings of $100!

AND Get a FREE Indian Head Massage Treatment Valued at $55.00 to help you deal with your “Coronavirus Isolation Stress”!

Gift Certificate_Multi Use 2019

Indian Head Massage Gift Cert

Free Indian Head massage with Purchase of Four-90 minutes Massage Gift Certificates.


4 Massage Gift Certificates (60 Min.) for: $200. A Savings of $100!

 AND Get a FREE Qigong Lesson to help you deal with your “I just need to be relaxed/nurtured stress”

Gift Certificate_Multi Use 2019


Qigong Payment Certificate

2 Massage Gift Certificates (60 Min.) for: $120.— A Savings of $30.

Gift Certificate_Multi Use 2019

Plus A Free Aromatherapy Foot Bath Treatment

An Indian Head Massage Treatment (1/2 hour) for: $35. —A Savings of $20.

Indian Head Massage Gift Cert

Can be added to any of the other treatments on sale to extend you spa time. 


Tandem Massage Ashley and I both work on at once (60 Min.) for: $110. A Savings of $30

2 Massage Therapists work simultaneously on you like a synchronized massage. It Doubles your treatment time into 2 hours of massage in 1 hour.

Tandem Gift Certificate_pdf



Couples/Doubles Massage (60 Min.) for:  $110. A Savings of $30

Two of you get a massage side by side on 2 tables.

Double’s Gift Certificate



Tandem Massage



Spa Offerings:

Ultimate Spa Package: 90 minutes

Aromatherapy Treatments: Paraffin Hand Treatment, Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Bath
Massage: 1/2 hour Full Body Massage- Totally relaxing and pampering
Lymphatic Treatment: Exfoliating Dry Body Brushing, Hydrotherapy: Hot Steamy Towel For Your Face, Luxury Body Wrap: Aromatherapy Hydrating Full Body Wrap–$85.– A Savings of  $90.00

Ultimate Spa Package Gift Cert



Aromatherapy Spa Package: $45. (A savings of $50)

Paraffin Hand Treatment, Aromatherapy Scalp & Face Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Bath with 1/2 hour Massage”.

Aromatherapy Spa Package Gift Cert



Join the Monthly Club and get a discounted Massage EVERY MONTH. Instead of paying $75 you pay $55. 

Details: Minimum 6 months contract. Get your first one for $45! A $30 Savings. Your credit cart is drafted on the 15th of every month for 6 months and then month to month at $55. Call to join. 253-838-3336

Alpine Therapeutic Massage & Spa

36511 32nd Ave So.

Auburn, WA 98001


Or Call to Purchase your Gift Certificates

Phoenix: LMT #MA4392

 Ashley Stewart: LMT Lic #: #MA60752496     

Best Ever Fall Cake Recipe!

Below is my favorite cake recipe from my grandmother who was born in 1900. I hope you share it with your family.

Favorite Oatmeal Spice Cake Recipe:

Pour 1-1/2 cups boiling water over 1 cup oatmeal. Let sit for 20 minutes.

Blend together until creamy:

1 cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup coconut oil or butter

2 large eggs

Mix in and blend until smooth:

1-1/2 cup flour

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp clove

1/4 tsp allspice

Add Oatmeal and blend again.

Grease a 9×12 pan with butter and dust with flour. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. While still warm in the pan, frost cake with the ingredients below all mixed together and spread evenly.

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 cup flaked coconut

1/2 cup chopped nuts (I love Cashews)

Call for your massage at 253-838-3336

Watch for upcoming Cooking for Health Classes being offered soon!

Phoenix Alexander LMT #MA4392

30th Anniversary Celebration with Spa Discounts

Join Us For Our 30th Anniversary Open House

30 Year Anniversary

Download the Massage Gift Certificates and Print. Then click on the”Buy Now” button. 

Your receipt number is your authorization number for the Gift Certificate


Tandem Massage $100 ($40 off)

Tandem Gift Certificate_pdf


Couples Massage- $100 ($40 off)

Double’s Gift Certificate


Indian Head Massage- 1/2 Hour Treatment. $35 ($30 off)

Indian Head Massage Gift Cert


Indian Head Massage with 1/2 Hour Swedish Massage $65. (Save $25)

Gift Certificate_Multi Use 2019


Series of 4- 60 Min. Gift Certificates $200 ($100 off)

Massage Gift Cert 60 min_web


Have you ever wondered what the people doing flowing movements in the park are up to?

Many people have learned the spectacular benefits of Qigong and practice it in the parks as a healing, moving meditation. It looks similar to Tai Chi but Qigong was practiced thousands of years before Tai Chi came on the scene. Doing Qigong outside helps you feel the Qi (pronounced like “Chee” or Chi) more strongly. Qi is the bio-electric, bio magnetic energy of all living things. In the summer I take my Qigong students outside to embrace the Qi in Nature. Recent studies show that being outside where it’s filled with trees, (called “Forest Bathing”) is very beneficial for your emotional and physical health. We add Qi to the already beneficial Forest Bathing!
It is the most interesting and fascinating feeling to press on the Qi and feel it react by pressing back or seemingly resisting the pressure. One student said “It feels viscous.” Truly as you learn to tune into the feeling, Qi is actually palpable.
What it does is increase your own internal energy Qi, and it stimulates your body’s natural healing resources. Our bodies are astounding in their ability to heal given the correct stimulus or resources. Qi helps you heal. I dare you to do an internet search on any health problem and then add Qigong to the search. Chances are very high you will find a scientific study documenting the effectiveness of Qigong in healing that health problem. 
I’d like to let you experience the power of Qi for yourself. Join our group of Qi enthusiasts on Monday night at 7 pm for an hour of Qigong. $25.
We have a special half-day workshop every month on a Saturday or Sunday to really amp up your Qi. Time is 10-2:30 on Sunday April 28th. $100. or $75 paid by April 20th.
Call to reserve your space. Space is limited.

Celebrating Love or Single Awareness Month?

February means different things depending on your situation. We want you to be our Valentine either way.

This month enjoy a Tandem massage for yourself where my daughter and I both massage you at the same time.


Enjoy a couple’s massage side by side with your loved one.

Even if you can’t make it on Valentine ’s Day for the massage, buy a gift certificate and come in when it is convenient.

Tandem massage is normally $140. For 1 hour with 2 massage therapists. From now through February 28th enjoy it for $120.

Couples massage is normally $140. for 2 people with an hour each. From now through February 28th enjoy it for $120.

Indian Head Massage is the ultimate in relaxation for those who enjoy a good scalp rub.

It is normally $55. for a ½ hour treatment. Enjoy it for $35. When combined with any other spa treatment.


Qigong is the best way to take care of your body and health whether or not you are part of a couple.

This month enjoy your first lesson for FREE for new students. Class is held every Monday night at 7 pm at the Spa.

OR Enjoy $25 of on your first Qigong ½ Day Seminar held on Saturday February 9th from 10-2:30

For more information on Qigong see the Qigong page on my website:

Call or Text to make reservations for your Valentine’s Day or for Qigong sessions.


Qigong Can Help You Heal

This Month as You Set Goals for the Year,

Set Good Health as Your Highest Priority.

With all that we want to do with our lives, we need good health to accomplish it.

Qigong is the best way I have ever discovered to create optimal health. 

Come and discover for yourself just how great you can feel with your cells fully oxygenated and circulating with Qi. (Pronounced like “Chee”)

Qigong helps your body to stimulate your Acupressure Meridians and other healing resources in your body.

You can learn more about the many benefits on my Qigong page. Click Here

Now through February 28th you can get your first Qigong Lesson Free– When you buy one you get one.

$25 for 2. Usually each lesson is $25 so you save $25 with this Special Offer.

Print 2 Payment Certificates Here: Qigong Payment Certificate

Join us for the most healthy, empowering, transforming, experience of your life at our Qigong Immersion Seminar

  • February 9th Saturday from 10-2:30.

Click Here for Details: 


It’s Mother’s Day & My 29th Business Anniversary

Celebrate With Us By Enjoying Special Discounts

Give Mom What She Really Wants

an Aromatherapy Massage Package $55.

Includes: 1/2 hour Massage, Aromatherapy Foot Bath, and an Exfoliating, Immune-Stimulating, Body Brush Treatment

Gift Certificate for Mothers day _18   

Print this gift certificate. Your receipt is your proof of purchase.  Use the Buy Button Below

Come with your Mom or Wife for a Double Massage for $120.

Doubles Gift Certificate

Now Through the End of May (My Anniversary Month) Enjoy a Massage for Yourself, or as a Gift to Another for $55.

That’s what I charged when I started business in 1989!

Massage Gift Cert 60 min_web  Print this Gift Certificate and pay with the button below

You can buy the massage as a gift certificate so that it never expires.


Have a Beautiful Month Filled with Joy and Springtime Colors. 

Call for an Appt. 253-838-3336

Phoenix Alexander LMP#MA4392 

Since 1989

Chocolate Spa Treatments, Chocolate Classes and Qigong in February

Doubles Massage for $100. Normally, $130.–

Enjoy a $30 discount!

  • February is either a month to celebrate your loving relationship, or it’s “Single Awareness Month”
  • Whatever your situation is, you deserve to feel great this month! 
  • Couples, friends, relatives, etc. can enjoy two massages simultaneously for a fantastic discount.


Celebrating Chocolate Class: Friday February 16, 6:00 pm

Treat Yourself to a Night of Indulgent Chocolate Delights!

Benefits of Chocolate:

  • Recent scientific research shows that your brain responds to chocolate by producing Endorphins- the body’s feel good chemicals.

  • Chocolate contains anandamide that triggers a very mild “high” and natural ingredients that inhibit the breakdown of this substance prolonging a sense of well-being.

  • It also contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that increases seratonin, an anti-depressant/stress reducer.

  • Theobromine in chocolate acts as a diuretic.

  • Catchins, powerful anti-oxidants, are found in larger quantities in chocolate than black tea.

  • Chocolate’s phenols may help reduce heart disease.

  • Highest Phytochemical food of all time!

  • Helps Prevent Lipid Oxidation in the arteries.

  • Helps hair growth with Procyanidin B-2.

  • Study of 8,000 male Harvard graduates showed chocoholics lived longer. 

  • Many of longest living people are passionate about eating chocolate.

In This Class–Learn How to Use Health-Promoting Chocolate in:

  • Smoothies– with nutritious, delicious ingredients

  • Instant Gratification Brownies– from start to in your mouth in 7 minutes!

  • Chocolate Rose Cupcakes with Raspberry Sauce

  • Chocolate Crepes with Cream Cheese Filling

  • Handmade Chocolates with a variety of fillings including cherry, peanut butter, and nuts.


This great hand- on class will be extra fun and help you celebrate the joys of chocolate.

You will be given Recipes to use at home.

Space is Limited!

RSVP and Pre-Pay by 2-13-18




Try a Chocolate Spa Treatment for a delightful change of pace.

Chocolate Spa Treatments In February:

 Chocolate Mint Yogurt Wrap—$85. Now $45 ½ hour
Relax and revive your mind and skin. Peppermint uplifts and invigorates. Yogurt softens, purifies, and restores the skin’s natural protective barrier. You’ll feel softer and waft a fabulous chocolate aroma for hours. (Wafting is good!)

Hot Spiced Cocoa Foot Bath & Reflexology Foot treatment— Normally $75. Now $55 for 45 min.
A sensory experience like no other. Soak your feet in skin-softening warm milk, cocoa, and essential oils. The tension is soothed away in a hot foot bath. Next, enjoy the health promoting effects of a reflexology foot massage that will help stimulate your body’s natural healing responses.

Chocolate Oatmeal Scrub—Normally $55 Now $45 

This “cookie” scrub is a tantalizing treat to leave your whole body feeling fabulously sleek. Oatmeal provides texture and softens skin, while egg tones, and oil hydrates. Cocoa adds anti-oxidant properties and along with vanilla provides a euphoric aroma. This is a great skin exfoliating treatment that is followed well by a massage or Chocolate Mint Yogurt Wrap/

Cocoa Mint Massage—Normally $65 Now $55
A relaxing full body massage with a cocoa mint massage lotion, known for its skin softening properties that will tantalize you. This is relaxation at its best.

Or Get All 4 treatments for $200.

Qigong Classes Every Monday Evening at 7 

Many people determine to get healthier at the beginning of a New Year but abandon their goals and resolutions by the end of January. Don’t let that be you!

This ancient health-promoting practice will help you to elevate your body’s natural healing responses creating optimal health.

See Many Qigong Benefits on the Qigong Lessons page.

You owe it to yourself to get healthy with a proven health-enhancing practice!

My Daughter Has Now Joined Me As A Massage Therapist!

We Can Now Do 2–Doubles Massage!

I’m excited to announce that my daughter Ashley is now officially licensed as a Massage Therapist.

We are celebrating this dream come true with you. We have been planning this for years.


Help us celebrate by enjoying a great discount on massages for 2.

Instead of $70 each, we are offering it for $55. each, for a total of $110.

You can luxuriate together-side by side!

Add a body brushing treatment for $15. 


Body brushing is used often in European Spas for its many benefits.

  • It exfoliates as well and brings in fresh circulation.
  • It’s mildly invigorating.
  • We also stimulate the lymphatic system to boost your immunity.
  • It feels great before your massage. 

Mother’s Day is Nearly Here


Treat yourself or send a hint to someone to get you Spa for Mother’s Day.

(You can buy a gift certificate below.)

Here is a Special Treat for YOU.

½ hour Massage,
Body Brushing
 Aromatherapy Foot Bath
Cup of tea or coffee
All for $60.

(Add another 1/2 hour massage for $30 for a 90 minute treatment)


Buy A Gift Certificate Here: 

Click Link below to print the gift certificate and use your receipt number for the authorization code number. 

Gift Certificate for Mothers day _17



Alpine Therapeutic Massage


Phoenix Alexander LMP #4392

Ashley Stewart LMP #60752496


Do You Love Yourself Enough….

Monthly Massage Club Discount
Discounted Massage Each Month

To give yourself the benefits of a monthly massage?

Many of you set goals for your body in January. Most people abandon those goals by the middle of the month. Is this loving to yourself? So many people have disappointing Valentine’s days and don’t have someone to love them and give them a Valentine signifying their love.

On Valentine’s day, I had a client bring in her daughter and treat both of them to a relaxing evening of spa and massage treatments. She said she was going to make it an annual Valentine tradition. Sometimes it’s best to love yourself first and then share the love with others.

Show yourself that your health, well-being, and relaxation are a way of loving yourself.

Join my Monthly Massage Club. It is a way to love yourself every month. I offer a $15. Discount off the normal price of $70, to make caring for yourself affordable.

When I started business in 1989 I charged $55. Now with 28 years experience this is a steal!

If you join in February you can get the first massage for $45.00 –a $25. Discount. All massages after that will be $55 per month for an hour massage.

Click Here For More Details About the Monthly Club.

Call me to join the Monthly Club at: 253-838-3336

Benefits of Massage:

(These are some of the ways massage benefits your body):

  • Interrupts the pain/spasm cycle found in injured muscles

  • Increases circulation and the removal of cell waste

  • Relieves pain and increases mobility

  • Increases lymphatic circulation to reduce swelling and increase overall health

  • Speeds recovery from injury

  • Reduces stress that is often associated with an injury and chronic pain

  • Helps scars to heal in the direction of soft tissue fibers which results in less scarring and less chance of re-injury

  • Decreased anxiety

  • Enhanced sleep quality

  • Greater energy

  • Improved concentration

  • Increased circulation

  • Reduced fatigue

Research Shows That With Massage:

  • Arthritis sufferers note fewer aches and less stiffness and pain.

  • Asthmatic children show better pulmonary function and increased peak air flow.

  • Burn injury patients report reduced pain, itching, and anxiety.

  • High blood pressure patients demonstrate lower diastolic blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones.

  • Premenstrual syndrome sufferers have decreased water retention and cramping.

  • Preterm infants have improved weight gain, better digestive function, less colic, and less body tension from being in the womb.

  • People suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)  report significant relief from anxiety, depression and Stress. It also relieves the body aches associated with this condition. See the full article here 


Have You Been in a Car Accident?

Many people get into car accidents this time of year with the difficult weather. If you get injured in a car accident your Personal Injury Protection on your car insurance will cover massage with a referral/prescription from an MD (your primary care or urgent care doctor) or Chiropractor.

Even though you may be receiving chiropractic care, you are not obligated to see their massage therapists on staff. Legally you have the right to choose the massage therapist you want. Don’t be pressured into seeing someone with less experience when you already have a massage therapist to work with. I have 28 years injury massage experience.

Learn More About Injury Massage Here:

Call me if you need injury massage at 2530-838-3336