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This is unlike any program you have ever participated in for weight loss.

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This class will explore why you have lost weight and not kept it off, or why you can’t seem to lose weight.

It is all about establishing new ways of thinking, and being, to enhance your self-esteem and gain the cooperation of your subconscious mind to get real results that last.

The subconscious mind is the Big Boss and you have to know how to coax it into doing what you want with your own body.

I struggled with weight gain from a Medical Condition:

I do know what it’s like to be larger than you want. I gained 70 pounds while on Prednisone and fighting to stay alive from Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. I couldn’t exercise or it would bring on Adrenal Crisis that was life threatening. I hardly recognized myself and my self-esteem plummeted.

Through extraordinary effort, and a miracle I was healed from this illness that I was told by the medical experts I would die from.

Then began a long struggle to regain my self-esteem and my healthy body weight.

How I lost the 70 pounds…Then

  • I hired a personal trainer.
  • I did daily calorie counting and restriction,
  • Lifted weights, and did Cardio Exercise,
  • Worked out for 60-90 minutes a day,
  • And I lost the 70 pounds I had gained!
  • It took all the stamina and free time I had.
  • I felt and looked great.
  • And then life happened and I needed to do other things than obsess with my exercise.
  • I gained back around 15 pounds.

Now What?

How could I find a balance between enjoying my life, not feeling so restricted, and still be a healthy weight?

The Answers came out of my training to focus the mind, and using hypnotherapy, mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Techniques to manage stress and FOCUS ON WHAT I DO WANT.

The techniques I am sharing in this series absolutely work!

Using techniques I will show you, I now weigh less than I did when I was 24 years old, and in great shape, which was more than 3 decades ago… although pregnancy remodeled and changed the shape of my stomach.

I have lost that 15 pounds using the healthy habits and mental skills I will teach you, a few pounds per month. I am at a healthy body fat percentage and have good musculature. I have achieved my goal weight and feel great.

  • I am not the ideal BMI- and never will be, because of my body type, bone frame, and musculature. I am really OK with that.
  • I am within a healthy body fat percentage.
  • I wear a size 8 pants.
  • I like how I look.
  • I am quite pleased with my progress in meeting my health goal.
  • I may choose to release more weight and get back into exercise and weight lifting, when I don’t have to wear a mask at the gym.
  • I’m not into restricted oxygen when I exercise, or exposing myself to Coronavirus in a closed, sweaty, environment.

I needed to know these techniques work on their own. You can be confident that they do.

Like any good experiment you have to control the variables to know what works. So I did not do the usual weight loss techniques.

  • I did not exercise, although I have for years done ½ hour of Qigiong breathing every morning.
  • No aerobics, walking or weight lifting.
  • I did not count calories,
  • I did not diet,
  • I did not do a food journal,
  • I did not engage in mental warfare trying to lose this weight.

This time I did things differently…

I got smarter and used my brain and body together cooperatively.

I DID use:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Stress relief techniques,
  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Visualization,
  • The POWER of my mind,
  • A focused goal to reach my healthy weight–slowly and steadily,
  • And more that I will share in this Transformational Course.

I accomplished all this during a Global Pandemic when most people gained weight!

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Class starts on Wednesday the 9th at 7 pm. Registration and tuition are due on Tuesday the 8th. $300. for 4 classes, around 90 minutes each.

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