25th Anniversary Specials

25th Anniversary Spa Specials


It’s official. I have been in business 25 years. I couldn’t have done it without each of my valuable customers who become friends. To show my gratitude I have some great specials from April 1st until May 15th.

60 minute Massage for $55.

90 minute Massage for $75

Add a Hydrating Aromatherapy Scalp treatment for $7.50 (50% discount) to either the 60 or 90 minute Massage.


Get Ready for Swimsuit Weather

Body Image Transformation Massage (TM)

Aka Cellulite/Inch Loss Massage-

This amazing massage has many benefits:

  •  Lose Inches–usually several pants/dress sizes
  •  Contours your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen
  •  Lifts, tones and firms tissue
  •  Improves elasticity of skin
  •  Reduces uneven, dimpled, cellulite appearance
  •  Improves circulation and removal of cell waste
  •  Improves lymphatic drainage, improving the health of the tissue in treated areas
  •  Creates deep detoxification
  •  Smoothes texture of skin

This profoundly effective massage is an excellent alternative to invasive and sometimes dangerous liposuction. It is done in a series of 18 treatments at a frequency of 3 times per week for 6 weeks for maximum effectiveness. Typical cost is $100. per treatment and sold as a full series. Includes Inch Loss treatments with Galvanic machine. This so much less expensive than costly surgical procedures and avoids the pitfalls of complications of surgery including dimpled, uneven skin, or possible infection.

50% off. Normally $1,800 for 18 treatments. Now $900. Sold only in a series. Credit Cards accepted.



Take Care of Yourself Emotionally and Physically With:

Holographic Memory Release–HMR

How does HMR work? HMR and other body work techniques for releasing somatic / emotional memories, release old information and postural patterns and give the body/mind room to process current messages in a more positive and functional way. This technique stimulates the body’s natural wisdom to heal itself with the correct stimulus. As old issues are resolved through HMR, people experience positive new ideas and experiences. Your body can finally relax!

Somatic (body)/Emotional Memories: Research shows that when the brain cannot completely process a physical, or emotional trauma, the memory is stored for later resolution at a subconscious level in the connective tissues of the body. I compare it to a lock and key–the brain is the lock and the key is in the tissues. These unresolved memories are constantly recycling on a subconscious level, waiting to be released through “reframing” or resolution. Without resolution, our bodies become overwhelmed with layers of unresolved issues or memories causing pain, restricted movement, and chronic tension called “armoring.” These unresolved memories influence our posture, health, decisions—even our personality.

Now there is a very effective way to deal with the locked up emotions and chronic tension– Holographic Memory Release (HMR).

Possible Benefits of HMR:

  •  Improved emotional control
  •  Resolution of past trauma
  •  More positive attitude/outlook
  •  Improvement of chronic health problems
  •  Improved self-esteem
  •  Decreased pain and muscle tension
  •  Better productivity and creativity
  •  Better quality sleep

The possibilities are endless and vary with each individual. No specific guarantees are made as to which benefits you will enjoy. I invite you to experience HMR for yourself.

The treatment time is a ½ hour. It’s important to have a series to achieve the full benefit of this fantastic technique. You will receive benefit from each and every treatment.

 I invite you to try it for 50% off. Normal price for 6 sessions is $300. Try it now for $150.

For more detailed information see the page for Body/Emotion Massage.


Call to buy these great specials today–253-838-3336

They can also be purchased as Gift Certificates for someone special. 

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