Half-Price New Year Spa Specials!

January Monthly Specials:

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1 Hour Spa Massage Treatment Including: ½ hour Aromatherapy Indian Head and Face Massage and ½ hour Spa Massage for $70. (That’s only $5 more than a regular Spa Massage and a $15. Discount over the regular price for the two treatments combined!)


Half-Price on Two Fantastic Series Treatments!

Body Transformation Massage/Inch Loss Massage: If getting in better shape is one of your New Year’s Goals then you will be thrilled to have the opportunity to do it for half off!

Introducing Massage that changes how you look and feel about your body.

 This amazing massage has many benefits:

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This profoundly effective massage is an excellent alternative to invasive and sometimes dangerous liposuction.

It is done in a series of 18 treatments at a frequency of 3 times per week for 6 weeks for maximum effectiveness. Typical cost is $100. per treatment and sold as a full series.

Now through 2-14-15 only $900! Usually $1800.


This so much less expensive than costly surgical procedures and avoids the pitfalls of complications of surgery including dimpled, uneven skin, or possible infection.


Beautifying Spa Massage Facelift:

This is the most advanced massage treatment available for affecting a change in the face naturally.

Forget expensive and sometimes dangerous plastic surgery or injecting toxins close to your brain!


·         Improve your looks and facial muscle tone

·         See a healthy change in your face

·         Reduces puffiness around eyes

·         Reduces face puffiness and double chin

·         Minimizes fine lines

·         Improve cellular nutrition and decrease cell waste buildup to positively affect how cells   age

·         Helps reduce acne

·         Increase elastin production

·         Useful in managing conditions such as dry, dull looking skin

·         Increase cellular hydration

Beautify Yourself Naturally:

With massage designed to make you put your best face forward. Best results are achieved when you receive a series of massage facelifts.

(This treatment sells for $275 per treatment at some spas in the US.)

Buy 3 for $375. Regular Price

Now through 2-14-15 Buy 3 for $187.

To Buy any of These Fantastic Specials Call me NOW at 253-838-3336

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