“The Power of Aromatherapy” Presentation Jan 31st and Feb 12th, 2015

Testimonials for “The Power of Aromatherapy” Presentation:

I have had rave reviews on a new class I’m presenting designed to get you using Aromatherapy and enjoying the fantastic benefits–everyday! Here are a few of the comments from people who have attended the class:

 “Extremely informative and empowering material. I had no idea there were so many scientifically proven treatments using essential oils. I will definitively be using this for my benefit!” –S Wallace

 “I loved it!” –TAW


 Watch “The Power of Aromatherapy” Trailer Right Here

If you can’t attend the class you can buy the video from a live presentation for $35.00 which includes the handout mentioned. Call me for a link to the video and have your credit card handy. 253-838-3336.


Learn more about the class on this page of my website:

When: Sat. Jan 31st at 2 pm. Bring a friend

Where: Alpine Therapeutic Massage 36511 32nd Ave S Auburn

Investment: $35.

RSVP: 253-838-3336  Space is Limited.

Class Includes: An Aromatherapy product that you will make during class. You can choose from Bath Salts, Room Spray, or Massage Lotion. Also includes a handout with details about many aspects of Aromatherapy and blending so you can make your own products when you get home! Price: $35.00

This is a Hands-On class where you will be smelling essential oils, learning about their benefits and healing properties, how to change your emotional state, and also create your own Aromatherapy blend to take home.


Possible Benefits of Aromatherapy: 

Reduce Stress

Reduce Fatigue

Increase Alertness

Reduce Pain and Spasm

Improve immune response

Increase relaxation and calmness

Change perceptions and feelings

Improve sleep and wake patterns

Help Reduce Excess Water Retention

Increase creativity and imagination

Improve mood and emotional balance

Change psychological and physical states

Increase awareness of self and emotions

Reduce depression, anxiety, and mood swings

Stimulate the body’s natural healing response

Increase Self-Esteem and Feelings of Well Being

Watch for “The Power of Aromatherapy-Beyond Basics”

Held on Thursday Feb. 12th at 7 pm.

  • Discover:

  • Advanced Aromatherapy blending practices.

  • Very detailed information on the top Aromatherapy Essential Oils– including which glands and organs they assist

  • What the emotional, and physical properties are of the top Essential Oils

  • Many scientific studies that prove what Aromatherapists have known for years

  • Various ways to use Aromatherapy Everyday through inhalation, massage oils, diffusers, room sprays etc.

  • How to make a custom blend aromatherapy product for yourself

  • The delightful aromas of essential oils with a hands on interactive experience!

Investment: $35


Presented by: Phoenix Alexander LMP#4392, Certified Aromatherapist since 1993

Author of: Turning Trials Into Triumphs The Way Of The Phoenix (Available on Amazon and from Alpine Therapeutic Massage).


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